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    UpsideDown Kate

    A place to make sense of the crazy, cluttered chaos that is my life.  With tips and tricks on organization, decorationg, child raising, and household keeping.  As well as just odds and ends from my everyday....more

    Uptown Small Town

    A Paradoxical Bio I’m a paradox. I am part small town girl– raised in a California mountain community of about 10 people where my dad was the volunteer firefighter and I was the resident ballerina/motorcycle rider– and part uptown girl having spent my adult life (thus far) moving across the country to live in cities such as: Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco. Apparently I can sit still only if I do it while moving around. ...more

    Urban Almanac

    What is Urban Girl's Almanac? It's a magazine-style blog featuring just what a busy-urban girl-like-you wants to know about living fabulously! Here you'll learn about foods of the world and about how flowers interact with your life. You'll find the latest info on home decor and style trends. You'll learn about celebrating holidays and the various cultural traditions. You'll discover much, much, more! ...more

    Urban Chicken Adventure

    Chicken keeping in suburban Portland, Oregon....more

    Urban Debris

    I'm a mixed media and digital artist. My name: Robin Bartoletti. Pronounced "bar-to-let-tee". I work in the education and technology field, but prefer working with my hands on things I can touch and feel. Pixels are great, but crafts are better. ...more

    Urban Fashion Network

    We are devoted to fashion trends, up and coming designers, events, boutiques & all things related! Check us out at   Thanks!Tarah ...more

    Urban Flea

    I began my journey as a staffer at Domino Magazine; there, I learned that design can and should be accessible to everyone. I believe no one should be barred from the beauty life has to offer, and I seek to bring all that I love to my readers rain or shine. I love to hear from you guys, so drop me a line anytime at Cheers!Katherine LeeUrban Flea Design

    Urban Flea Design

    I began my journey working at (sniff sniff) beloved Domino Magazine, and there, I learned that we should all live surrounded with nothing but beauty. Simply put, I'm on a relentless quest to fuse the best of high and low design, bringing a global urban flea market mash-up to the masses. I'm also a burgeoning interior decorator and prop stylist who dreams of starting up her own business some day. I believe that no matter the price or the place it comes from, good design is good design, and no one should be barred from enjoying the beautiful things life has to offer. ...more

    Urban Lace

    Urban Lace is about celebrating life through exploration and creativity.  ...more

    Urban Misfit

    Urban Misfit is based in Calgary, Canada. It is written by a girl who has a loverly boyfriend and a job. She likes lots of urban things, but doesn't manage to fit in. She wants the world to share her forays into yuppie-isms, while at the end of the day all she really wants to do is stay home and knit wool socks. Oh, and she's a medium (as in, talks to dead people, not her clothing size). So that's different, right? ...more

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