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    Urban Sacred Garden

    Location Louisville, KY United States See map: Google Maps Urban Sacred Garden is a spiritual resource blog dedicated to bringing you bits of inspiration and connection amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. In the grit, light and noise of the city we too easily lose connection with ourselves and each other. We can learn to reconnect to our core inner truth through eating good food, digging in the dirt, beginning eye-opening journeys, working in community circles, reading inspiring words, and creating a nest of sanctuary in our homes. Welcome to the garden....more

    Useful Graphic Design Tutorials

    Sisters Caroline Jones & Davina Brawn of Useful Graphic Design Tutorials helps small business owners learn how to make their own visual content to grow their business.Get their free graphic software video tutorials and pick up tips on how to use visuals to your advantage. ...more

    Useless Beauty Designs

    Useless Beauty Designs is a blog about my adventures leading a crafty and more conscious life in Cambridge UK, knitting, sewing, crocheting, cooking and avoiding the gardening: at least, that was the plan. What really happens is I get sidetracked and segue into yoga, guitar playing, vegetarianism, fan dancing, pole dancing, feminism, and photos of the proliferation of friendly cats I meet in my day-to-day travels....more


    Vaka Design

    I'm Katie, and I'm a goldsmith and artist.  This is my studio diary. ...more


    This is my blog about whatever but I plan to focus on fashion, crafts, and thrifty finds....more

    Van Erwin

    A mom & designer blog about life, love, fashion, interior design, graphic design, toys, children, advice and lamentations great links to all mom stuff. ...more


    vari·form (ver′ə fôrm′, var′-)adjectivevaried in form; having various forms    I am an almost 40 year old Mom of five crazy fun kids, ranging in age from 8 years to 17 years.  I've been married to my old man for 18 years.  On my blog I write a lot about crafts, from crochet to painting, I love most crafts!  I also write about the fun of raising my spawn and life stories.  I hope you stop by!...more

    Vast Amount of Spare Time

    I'm an at home mom who loves to cook, knit, crochet, sew, do all things crafty, practice yoga, garden, watch Jon Stewart, and laugh at myself. Often simultaneously. My blog consists of random drivel about all the things I do while chasing two small boys. ...more

    Vegan Sprout

    an adventure in plant-based cooking ...more

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