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    VirtualPhotographyStudio Photo Blog

    Photography tips to help the amateur and professional photographer develop a six figure studio ...more

    Visible Poetry: Aesthetic Acts in Progress

    What if we thought of poetry as something visible everywhere? Much of what we call poetry IS blogging, a lyric voice meandering through the sounds and images and movements of the world, trying on sensations and seeking interlocutors. Visible Poetry: Aesthetic Acts in Progress aims at expanding some horizons of this oldest of forms. ...more

    Visions of Bliss

    I hope this site inspires you to contemplate and live your own Visions of Bliss....more

    Vitamin C - A Daily Dose of Creativity

    I am on the hunt for a way to keep creativity flowing in my life. I get help from all walks of life; my creative friends, all types of artists, and people who are not afraid to try new things. The blog features how-to projects and ideas for jewelry making, art, and craft. Finally, through the blog, I encourage creative people to use their skills and talents to encourage or serve others....more


    Crafting, sewing, baking!  Plus fun tutorials and projects to inspire your creativity!...more

    Vonderhaus Life

    Things that happen in and around the Vonderhaus house... ...more

    Vu d'ici - Seen from here: life, arts, music and pop culture

    Bilingual blog & podcast about life, arts, music and pop culture - your daily dose of inspiration, for late & early adopters! ...more

    Vulture Peak Muse

    I am a seeker, a meanderer, an artist, healing my body and mind through my art...I am afflicted in many ways, both physically and mentally, but foremost, I am always most aware of my spiritual health and is through art that I heal in all ways and also touch others similarly afflicted as well as shine a light for others who may not share this path just art is my communication about the things that matter most to me. I seek to shine a light upon the dis-ease that is mental illness and bring clarity to those who don't understand. ...more

    Wabi Sabi Baby Blog - Simple, Frugal, Family Living

    A collection of my insights and methods for living a simple, frugal, and enriching family home life.  ...more

    Wake Up, Juliet

    Personal/budding business blog that touches on topics ranging from photography to starting a business to everyday goings on....more

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