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    Back In The Hills

    Various musings on motherhood, farm life, photography, and food.  I originally started this site in October 2009, but recently changed from Blogger to Weebly.  ...more

    Back to the Drawing Board - Diana Evans - Illustration & Design

    I am a full time Artist and Illustrator and feel that drawing takes me to all kinds of wonderful places....come join me on my journey.... I also host fun giveaways on my blog so pop by and join in the fun..... ...more

    Back {to} Domestics

    Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m a visionary. I like to create, build, think up, and dream. I’m very, very, very DIY and love all things domestic! My hope is to give you a window into my life as a stay-at-home {creative} mother of two. I’m not so much of a writer, but I think up way too many ideas and do way too many projects to not share them. It makes my heart happy to share them so I hope you will enjoy as well!  ...more

    Bad Ass Ideas

    A totally rad blog about design, creativity, and interactive media. ...more

    Bad Mama Genny

    Location Chicago, IL United States See map: Google Maps Bad Mama Genny Like a mommy blog. Except I'm not a mommy. And it's about extreme DIY and homesteading. And food, food, food. And gardening in fishnets. And moonshine makin'. And the fine mess I've gotten us into this time. So not at all like a mommy blog. Ok, you know what, just read the damn blog.         Let’s get one thing straight: we’re all misfits here... ...more

    Bad Mummy

    Written by a 20-something first time mum of a premature daughter who is finding it hard to come to terms with a lack of time and the constant smell of spew. Bad Mummy talks about her attempts at running a household, raising a child and finding time to do those little things that keep her sane - like showering. ...more

    BAD! Kitty Art Studio

    Where the Art is Bold and from the inner divine, 7 day money back, no questions asked return policy. Please click on any pictures to enlarge and email me with any questions you may have. BAD! Kitty Artist Blog is the place where I talk about everything that is on my mind, being that I am a ordinary crazy lady, you never know what topic, product, news, or service I'll uncover next, so come on in and read a little, share your thoughts and maybe even learn or find something new. ...more


    Thoughts and reflections on life, business, and creativity. ...more

    Bake and Bloom

    The journey of a floral design student come self taught ameture baker. Recipes, floral design, shopping, home decor & more....more

    Balancing Home

    I’m hoping to create forum where we can share how we all balance home. I am addicted to making over my home and hope to fill you in on my victories and defeats in the DIY category. I also am trying to figure out how to parent, make dinners, get the laundry done, etc. This will be an adventure in decorating, remodeling, cooking, parenting, home tips and the likes. Life is all about balance!...more

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