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    Location Inspired by everyday life: House and Home, Decorating, Renovating, Gardening and Travel. Young homeowners share their journey as they renovate and decorate their first home....more

    Blunder Construction

    Location Boston, MA United States See map: Google Maps Blunder Construction is my platform for sharing my progress on a variety of projects underway. I'm a Boston blogger, passionate about food and finding a healthy balance. My blog includes my daily musings: anything from recent recipes, to craft projects, to cartoon illustrations....more

    Blushing and Sweet

    Hi! This is where I will share my passions and the things that inspire me...all things beautiful and creative: fashion, make-up, interior design & home d├ęcor, cooking, home entertaining...and Sunday mornings to name a few. Thanks for visiting!...more

    Bob and Jo Ann

    This is the diary of the last days of my parent's lives together and how we are all coping as we struggle with my mother's advanced dementia. This is probably the hardest, yet most rewarding, heart breaking and loving time of my life. I want there to be no regrets. This diary will not be all sadness and gloom...I hope to bring some joy and smiles, too. Together we will laugh, cry and document the long goodbye. Thank you for joining me on this journey. ...more

    bobbin tales

    bobbin tales isn't just another sewing blog.  I strive to share interesting, fun, inspiring information for sewists.  I follow Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler quite closely, so my style is similar.  I'm from Austin, so some of my content is about local sewing groups and suppliers....more

    Body of Work

    My cousin, Cora Lynn, told me it was time to start collecting my "Body of Work."  So I am.  This blog is about my life as a trophy wife to my DH, mother of Thing 1 and Thing 2, CEO of Planet Emmer and Director of Camp Oliver-Emmer. I have a penchant for laughing and watching mindless tv....more

    Body of Work

    I have been a visual artist most of my life. For years, I worked with metal and found objects and still have a great affinity for rust and wear. Now, I am primarily a digital artist because I am in too much pain to physically wrestle my work to life. ...more

    Boegle Blog Bloggery

    I blog about my daily life, checkered past, travels, and observations about some of the strange ways of the world. I try to do this with humor, but often end up with some serious entries that I would like to erase, but I don't, but maybe I should. ...more

    Bohemian Belle 2000

    recycling is a daily routine for most of us now, but i can tell you exactly when i was brought into the game.  it was freshman year, and my roommate and i (mostly my roommate) knew that the best way to pow...more

    Bohemian Revolution

    Get tips to save time and simplify your life. Bohemian Revolution offers ideas on cleaning, organizing, managing your finances, arts and crafts projects, recipes and more. ...more

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