DIY Blogs

    Brer Rabbit's Blog

    Brer Rabbit's Blog features classical, trendy and unique ePatterns and embroideries for children from Brer Rabbit Designs....more

    Bricks and Clicks Blog

    Lifestyle blog created to promoted artists and crafters ...more


    Troubleshooting Guide for the Overwhelmed Bride   ...more

    Bright Forest

    Location Minnesota United States See map: Google Maps My name is Cassi and I am a lifestyle blogger at Bright Forest. I am a wife and mother to one spunky girl. I am a photographer and owner of Bright Photography. My blog focus on trying to live a creative life in a nine to five world. We do DIY projects and Art Journals. We do food: recipes and restaurant reviews. We also talk on marriage and parenting....more

    Bright Green Eyeliner

    I love things that are colorful, fun and funny....more

    Brigid Keely

    Continuing a blog originally begun on Livejournal in June of 2003, this features stories about my life in Chicago, Illinois; writing excerpts and talk about writing; art that I've done; discussion of comics, webcomics, books, and movies; and a whole lot of blather. ...more

    Brittany Abeijon

      I am a native Chicagoian, but my heart longs for New York.   I work and live in the suburbs, but I play in the city.   I have a infallible passion for writing, and also for my Manfriend.   I am a self-proclaimed fashionista with a weakness for white wine and sushi.   ...more

    Brittany Lauren Blog

    On a journey to create, love and inspire one day at a time. ...more

    Broke & Beautiful

    Self-expression is not a no-brainer. It's not a birth-right - knowing how to express yourself. There are so many beautiful ways to represent what your insides look like - music, visual arts, writing, dance... But fashion stands out to this author and speaks her language. But fashion connected to life? That seems vapid. Those who say "fashion is life" - they are missing the point right? Wrong. If something speaks to you, follow it....more

    Bronx Girl Knits

    A blog where I discuss knitting but also anything else on my mind. I spend a lot of time discussing pop culture, family life and occasionally politics. ...more

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