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    Dancing Hula in the Sunset - District, that is.

    Onaona I Ka Pot Roast? Wanna know what that means? Come check out my blog where I write about my life, my kids, my hubby, hula dancing on the mainland, taking public transportation and my messed up dreams, no, not my aspirations, my actual dreams, the kind I have when I'm sleeping....more


    A collection of photography, food writing and other tasty bits of inspiration. ...more

    danikeith's blog

    Location Greensboro, NC United States See map: Google Maps i am a lover of love, a painter, a dreamer and above all a creative. vibrant color and texture are big favorites of mine and i take every opportunity i can to use those tools in the work i do. i am a new york native who was transplanted to north carolina. you could say i am a healthy mix of contradictions, a little country, a little urban, mostly just dani. i am married to a wonderfully talented and brilliant man, who is my muse and my best friend. together we have huck! the wonder pup a very spritely black cocker spaniel who is not completely convinced he is a pup at all. ...more


    just a little blog about a lot of scrapbooking and art journaling. some photography, good things and occasionaly rambling and thoughts of a married, childless 20 something. ...more

    Daphne Blue

    Darling Dear Designs

    Blog featuring all of my designs and design-related posts....more

    Daughter Number Three

    Daily posts on language, media, books, technology, greener living, and whatever comes to mind. ...more

    Davenport DIY

    Making our house a home, one project at a time.  I write about DIY (and not so DIY) projects that my husband and I do around our new (to us) house!...more

    David & Daisy

    A sewing blog ... my attempt to be creative everyday, and to fit my sewing and creative around all the things I HAVE to do each day.  Sometimes creativity wins ... sometimes it doesn't, but the struggle is worth it. ...more


    A need to know it all's attempt at finding creativity in a chaotic world....more

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