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    Gable House Quilting and Designs

    I am Jennifer Overstreet and I am a blogger, a quilter, a quilt designer, a wife, and a mother. I write more about quilting and designing then anything else on my blog. I discuss topics ranging from tips/helpful hits to designing issues. I will throw in an off topic post every once in a while to show that I am not always a quilting droid.  My take on quilting is a mix of modern and traditional, even though I love modern quilting more. However, you will rarely see me knock a traditional quilt down....more

    Gaian Tarot Artists Journal

    Musings & reflections on creating the Gaian Tarot, Earth-Centered Spirituality, Sense of Place (Pacific Northwest), Creativity, Living Green, Living Mythically, Wheel of the Year & More by Joanna Powell Colbert ...more

    Gaijin Housewife in Japan

    This blog deals with the being a housewife in Japan. Being a housewife is not an easy job, but in Japan it is an art form. I'll be keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest tricks of the trade, along with what's going on here in Japan. ...more

    Gallery Juana: Art and Photography

    Blogging about my ink, watercolor, and acrylic paintings on rice paper, photography, life in Japan and my cat. ...more

    Garden Delights - Decorating tips, planting advise and cool gift ideas for the hobby gardner

    This blog brings you great finds from all over the world which pertain to gardening. On occasion you will see a product review, but most of the time it's just eye candy to get you off the couch and outside decorating and planting in your garden....more

    Garden Design Online

    News, design, book and product reviews, events, people, places, "green" news and much more on landscape design and horticulture. ...more

    Garden Gate Blog

    Cynthia McKenna is a psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, depression, and healthy living.  She blogs about her adventures in organic gardening, cooking, and living in the Texas Hill Country. ...more

    Garden Gluttony: A Feast For All Senses!

    Garden is in the title but it covers a wide array of tasty topics – art, food, drink, plants, eco tidbits, products, peeves, snipets from a cast of characters and guest bloggers, friendly banter and oodles of photos.  It swirls around my love of nature and fascination of all things creative. It’s sort of a “Seinfeld” of blogs … about nothing too specific or technical but with alot to say and see....more

    Garden of Eatin

    Backyard organic vegetable gardening in Salem, Oregon ...more

    Garden Rant

    4 women blog about gardening from different regions: Convinced that gardening MATTERS. Bored with perfect magazine gardens. In love with real, rambling, chaotic, dirty, bug-ridden gardens. Suspicious of the “horticultural industry.” Delighted by people with a passion for plants. Appalled by chemical warfare in the garden. Turned off by any activities that involve “landscaping” with “plant materials.” Flabbergasted at the idea of a “no maintenance garden.” Gardening our asses off. ...more

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