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    Geeky Domestic Hippie Living in the Big City

    Location Overland Park, KS United States See map: Google Maps I am a mom, a teacher, a wife, and a writer. I prefer natural parenting and natural living. I am a geek and not afraid to show it. My blog is about my life and all the crazy it entails....more

    Geezees Custom Canvas

    My journal starting my Canvas art business working from home and raising two kids....more

    gemini monkey at play

    A blog about health, art, a spectrum parent raising a spectrum child, and important stuff like hair. ...more

    Genre Cookshop

    A painter's life in words and photographs ...more

    Get Crafty

    This blog is run by Madhavi and my friends. My blog has been online for more than one year. ...more

    Get Dense

    Two sisters blogging about their health journeys through nutritionally dense food. Raw, vegan and some other tastey delights, these gals keep it real and have real insight into the nutritional research that is emerging about reversing disease through diet.   After about a year and a half, Melissa and Charissa have lost a combined total of 150 lbs and have kept it off! Also, various health concerns such as inflammation, pms, depression, high cholesterol, blood pressure, and IBS have subsided as a result of their dietary and fitness changes....more

    Get Outta My head Please

        My blog show cases all the DIY projects and or decorating I will be doing in the process of making my new house into my HOME! I also plan to do at least one giveaway's and reviews a month ....more

    Get to the Inside

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in TN and a published poet.  My blog combines therapeutic advice most particularly on relationships, addictions, recovery, and the change process.  I also publish poetry, my own and others, and share art. ...more

    Getting Creative

    Getting Creative is the blog of GetCreative Web Design, a design firm based in Lynchburg, Virginia. We have experience in graphic design, photography and marketing in addition to our extensive web design knowledge. Our all-around approach ensures a fluid and well-balanced web portal for your company, from your logo to your layout....more

    Getting to Home Sweet Home

    Our home building process ...more

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