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    Ghost Hunting Tips

    Free ghost hunting secrets, tips, stories, videos and how-to information for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts. ...more

    Ghost Stories

    Collection of stories about ghosts, urban legends, mythology, haunted places, folklore and other paranormal phenomena. ...more

    Gifted Designs - the lady behind the jewelry

    My name is Shannon and I'm a born and bred Montrealer who's obsessed with making gorgeous jewelry and oggling other peoples' handmade goodies.My blog is packed with my lovely creations & other yummy handmade confections I come across in my on-line wanderings as well as more personal touches and good/interesting information for you to sink your teeth into.I hope to see you there!...more - Personalized Stationary and Letter Writing Blog

    In the age of e-mails, cell phones and instant communication, let us not forget the art of writing a letter.'s Personalized Stationary and Letter Writing Blog is a source of etiquette and materials to make the next letter you write a memorable one. ...more

    Gina's Kokopelli

    Welcome to my manic obsession with all things coupon/free/cheap. This blog will be a combination of information about saving money through couponing, how to get free stuff, gardening, and any odd things that pop into my head....more


    A photojournalistic essay on life!...more

    Ginny's Glass

    Location New York United States See map: Google Maps   Ginny’s Glass is positive, because I’m positive. I want you the reader to feel good, because I believe in today’s world everyone needs a place to go to feel good, to be understood, supported, encouraged, reassured, comforted and motivated. Because I know life doesn’t always feel good. It can be scary and sad, depressing and dark. It can hold many unknowns, and have too many questions with not enough answers. I’ve experienced it all: the good, the bad and all that is in-between. So can shed light and can be light-hearted......more

    Ginormous Duck

    Ginormous Duck is a weblog that is NOT about ducks! It contains quackings by a mother with many ducklings (3 beautiful kids, a wonderful husband, 2 guinea pigs, 2 gerbils and some fish). At any given moment it will contain quackings about my kids, family life or my many hobbies including baking and artsy stuff....more

    Girl Gone Gardening

    Girl Gone Loopy

    Blog about knitting, spinning and a little bit of life. ...more

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