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    Girl in the Garage

    I restore boring/neglected furniture and create home decor and personal accessories from new and repurposed items.  All while being a full time mom to two toddler boys and learning to be a "housewife" after leaving a demanding 10-year career in banking management.  Join me to discover what happens on my journey!...more

    Girl, Woman, Mom

    Location Home United States See map: Google Maps My blog primarily focuses on my life of raising family and crafting. I do a lot of both. I like to share ideas and techniques of the projects I'm working on in hopes that others pick up the knitting needles, or start sewing, or making things out of clay, etc....more


    GirlWhimsy is dedicated to showcasing my love for vintage: vintage fashion, vintage home decor and vintage, whimsical toys. At GirlWhimsy, I will share with you my love for all things once used, recycled and re-purposed. This blog is to inspire me and you, it's about style and it's about home. ...more

    Gitzen Girl

    This blog is full of stories about me, my life, my disease and learning to adapt to the changes life throws at all of us... all while trying to be at least a little witty, insightful and fun. :) I hope you find something on here that makes you smile or makes you think. Or both. ...more

    Give Me Paws: chasing bliss with my dog and 17 kids

    I'm the mom of a lovable French Bulldog, and my 17 kids can be found in my first grade classroom on weekdays. A blissful life of balance is my pursuit; I want new adventures, but I take comfort in the familiar. My interests and post topics include: dogs, Austin, writing, teaching, yoga, books, tv, politics, gardening, interior design, cooking, painting, travel, photography, and more. All this in a tiny urban condo that's only 400 square feet!...more

    Glacier County Honey Company

    Posts from a lawyer/beekeeper's wife living in Montana, fifteen miles south of Canada, fifteen miles east of Glacier National Park.  Ramblings on honey production, almond pollination, beeswax crafting, living on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, lawyerin', excellent face washes, good dogs, and Glacier National Park....more

    Glamour Girl

    My little corner of the blog world is the place for me to explore self-esteem and the image of beauty in our world. ...more

    Glass Addictions by Jennifer Cameron

    My blog was started as a way to frequently update customers, fellow lampworkers, jewelry designers, family and friends to the daily workings of my studio. I also post interviews with other artists on occasion, share design tips, fashion and color trends, organizational tips and book reviews. Sometimes I simply post family photos because readers like to get to know the artist outside of the studio setting.  ...more

    Glass Touch - Fused Art Glass by Nicole V Lozano

    It seems there is always a new; piece, technique or event around the corner. Here I hope to keep you informed of these things and give you a little insight into my work. ...more


    I'm a little bit country and a whole lot rock and roll. Spanned the globe, growing up in Wyoming; college and beyond in Washington State (Tacoma and Seattle to be exact); semester in South Africa; brief stint in NYC; and now 5 years of Caribbean living. ...more

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