DIY Blogs

    Grosgrain: Handmade children's clothing sewing blog with biweekly GIVEAWAYS!

    A blog by an artsy craftsy, penny pinching, party planning, playdating, fashion finding, sci-fi loving, stay at home mommy who always keeps her sewing machine plugged in and loves all things cute! ...more

    Grow Creative

    A creative blog featuring ideas and tutorials for making all kinds of art and crafts from watercolors to crochet.  ...more

    growing curious

    I was 40 and deep into a midlife crisis when I discovered I was pregnant. Now I'm a 40-something mother of a busy toddler and am still trying to figure how who *I* want to be when I grow up. I garden and create things to stay sane. There's a crab apple tree in our yard that I consider to be one of my closest friends. ...more

    Growing For Christ

    Homeschooling, crafting, book tours, reviews of curriculum, books and other products, family life and Christianity ...more

    Growing Green(er) Days

    Sustainable. Locavore. Environmental steward. I’m all for it. Really. My blood runs green. It does. I compost. I raise heirloom plants. I own a Prius. But I could be so much better. A friend and I went to see the movie, Fresh. Of course, after watching the film, I swore I would never eat mass-produced food again, I would patronize the local farmer, I would eradicate all of the bad choices I make on a daily basis and SAVE THE WORLD. Then I went home, had a Diet Coke and an Oreo. But I digress…...more

    GrueneTree- A knitted and sewn blog

    Gruenetree is a knitted and sewn blog ...more


    Is this your blog? If so, please claim it by listing your blog. ...more

    Grumpy Shopkeeper


    We are building a house in rural southern Minnesota. I am a quilter, mostly artsy quilts, not the traditional "grandma" quilts. ...more

    Gwen Bell dot Com

    The met(t)a project list for Gwen Bell. ...more

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