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    High Fiber Content

    Art work Process of making art Occasional Political Content Personal observations ...more

    High Tops & Lace

    High Tops & Lace is a blog dedicated to the simple and the extravagant. At High Tops & Lace you'll find simple crafts that spruce up a home or add an extra touch of flair to a wardrobe. You'll also find recipes for classic favorites, tasty sweets and savory meals....more

    High-Heeled Foot in the door

    Welcome to my blog and come along on my journey of trying to break into the Interior Design world. ...more


    Highlowaha is a community dedicated to using our collective creativity for a greater good.  Together we are building a town and want each of you to move in.  Each day we gather together at our table to: share a creative idea (never repeating the same thing twice); build and strengthen our international community of readers; and create ripples of kindness through our generous acts.  As neighbors in our town we hope you will make the time to escape from your life's routine to stop in every day or once a week. Post daily or be a loyal lurker.  Whatever ...more

    Hildes hekle-strikkeri-hurra!

    The adventures of a Scandinavian fiber addict. ...more

    Hill Country Mysteries

    've always been taken with mysteries--how tiny hummingbirds migrate over vast distances; how a little dry seed grows into a vibrant green plant; how a thoughtful story unfolds in layers. The book I'm writing now is of imperfect people colliding...creating death, birth, friends and enemies in a small Texas town. I'll share my progress here, and other passions, nature, cats, and the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. ...more

    Hip And Stingy

    Navigating the hard times with style and frugality. ...more


    I started writing this blog as a general record of my day-to-day life, there are regular posts about things that I find interesting (such as web design, travel, fashion, art & photography), things that inspire me, daily life and recipes. I also somehow manage to rope a number of my friends into writing smashing guest posts about their own fields of work & lives, these have included days in the life of Astrophysicists & super geeky star trek reports. I'm Kim Lawler. I'm 25 now, wow, how did that happen?...more

    Hipster Housewife

    I am an artist and blogger who works from home, wearing plaid word shirts, sporting piercings and tattoos. I paint, I DIY, I fixit.  I also happen to do the cooking and the cleaning. I am a Hipster Housewife.  This is a blog with thrice-weekly, photo-heavy entries on DIY projects - usual and unusual - plus cooking posts and entries about learning to be a housewife....more

    His & Hers

    He has brawns-ish. She has brains-ish. Together, they make a house that works. Ish....more

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