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    JPD Mom

    I started Jamie's Painting & Design( late in 2002 and have grown it to be a very successful company and a leader in the Children's Industry. I have been branded a "Mompreneur" in the media, many times over....and have learned to embrace (sort of) the term. After being asked countless times to give advice to other women hoping to start their own business, or help them grow it - I decided a blog was the way to go (or my husband actually convinced me it would be a good thing to do...not sure which is the real story) JPD Mom is a blog I started last January to give advice to other women that were thinking of starting their own business. ...more


    I like memory machines, coastal cities, interstates, beauty products, swimming, continental knitting, international cuisine, pillow talk, and fine arts...more

    Judy Watt Art & Photography

    I've had a website up since 1997 of some kind or another. I currently use my LiveJournal as my main blog, but am also on Vox. My homepage is with links to my other spaces. ...more

    Judy Wise

    This is a blog on making art and the life of one artist. ...more

    Judy's Journal

    Up to date information about Judith Martin's stitched artwork. ...more


    A discussion of all things juicy and delicious, including, but not limited to: art, design, the joys of motherhood, typography, cooking, cool crafts, and eco products. ...more

    June Cleaver in yoga pants

    Lots of blogs out there are pretty, and inspiring, filled with yummy looking food and home organization tips. These blogs are nice but they made me feel, well, inferior. I wanted to blog about real life. Trying to put a decent meal on the table...occasionally at least...wiping crumbs off the floor, eating leftover PB&J crusts for lunch, laughing with your kids, burning applesauce, etc. The mommying life. June Cleaver, as it were, in yoga pants. A little hippy crunchy. A little adventuresome....more
  • Junk 2 Jewels - Diy!

    Location United States See map: Google Maps A personal, hopefully entertaining and inspiring, DIY blog of how I turn anything I find from thrift stores, yard sales, or even dumpster into my own jewels.  Being a single mom, money is always tights, and it's fun to see what all I can do with a limited if any budget.  Tutorials, tips and ideas are all shared, to inspire anyone to show that we don't have to spend a ton to be beautiful!...more
    We could learn alot here! =)more

    Junkin' Junky

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps Taking junk from thrift stores and making it work in my home. Frugality and usefulness are a way of life for me and my two children. ...more

    Junkyard Clubhouse

    Random amusements, with an emphasis on midcentury stuff, design, animation, technology and bacon. ...more

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