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    Kadbury Is... Thinking Out Loud

    Kadbury Is... Thinking Out Loud is a place for ideas, yours or mine.  I love to share my ideas about decorating, crafting, cooking and parenting and can't wait to hear what you have to add to the conversation.  Join me as I stumble my way through DIY projects, awesome crafts, and raising three kids known as the BLT.  Occasionally, I'll cook something.  But generally I leave that up to my husband, the Master Chef.  Won't you come on over and Think Out Loud with me?...more

    Kaleidoscope Living

    Adventures in gardening, NW Indiana, birding, books, photography, local food community, and other things for which I am passionate. ...more


    I'm a single city girl who recently moved back to her hometown in Michigan.  Kallaydoscope is my view of my world. It's colorful and intriguing and also, kind of a mess, if not always highly entertaining.  I write about everything from my newly found small town living, coffee, food, my crazy animals and beyond.  I love to write and so, I do.   ...more

    Kansas City Daily Photo

    Waldo Oiseau, 32, lives in Kansas City's Waldo neighborhood. She searches out the local flavor of Kansas City and posts images of people, places, and more to Kansas City Daily Photo nearly every day. ...more

    Kara Brook Art

    I write about the art that I create withe encaustic (beeswax, resin and pigment) covering workshops and personal experiments. I also write about the art of others, art shows and galleries that I attend. I also cover art that we see on our travels. ...more

    Kara Paslay Designs

    A blog full of out of the box design inspiration and tutorials.  Something new is always coming, with projects ranging from master bedrooms to movie sets, large scale window displays to furniture reclaimations.  Hopefully along the way you will find inspiration to pursue your passions and encouragement to never give up on your dreams....more

    Karen Shanley --writer, mom, dog lover

    Karen Shanley, author, mom, dog person extraordinaire, shares her quirky and insightful views on life. ...more

    kari and kijsa

    Two sisters laughing their way down the home improvement aisles, paint stores, and flea markets looking for great decorating ideas, fun projects and that perfect shade of khaki...all while drinking diet cokes! ...more

    Karianna Spectrum

    This is actually a correction, but the correction form kept telling me I hadn't completed all the fields (it said the "blog relationship" one was invalid.) This is my blog. Thanks! -Kari ...more

    Karla Krafts

    Location Karla's computer 150 Garden Terrace Lane Millers Creek, NC 28651 United States See map: Google Maps Karla Krafts is where I log and share craft projects, ideas, products, materials and sources including links. I also document sources of inspiration, with only minimal mention of my grandson!...more

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