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    Le Fail Francais

    Location France Millenial law student takes her failtrain to Paris, to study at one of the Grand Ecoles.  Makes a number of questionable wardrobe/nutrition/vocabulary choices. Lather, rinse, repeat. Follow along as France defeats me or I convince it to surrender. Get ready for this, France!...more

    Le Petit Hiboux

    bonjour! welcome to le petit hiboux - i'm krissa corbett cavouras, and this is my website. le petit hiboux means "the little owls", which is intentionally grammatically incorrect french, because i like the x. i'm whimsical like that. i'm a writer who lives in new york city with a wonderful man and a nervous little dog in our beautiful apartment. i sleep in brooklyn, drink wine, devour fiction, hate vegetables, and just love you. ...more

    Le Sphinx Intimate

    Welcome to Le Sphinx, an intimate exploration of the sensory delights of women and sensuality.A mood-board of stumbled-upon treasures, musings and tales, this blog will act as research for a new line of intimate apparel that is to be released at some stage during the year of the tiger. ...more

    Le Temps Jadis

    My blog, Le Temps Jadis, is mainly about how I decorate my home. I will be showing you my finds and tell you about myself. ...more

    Leah love with life love with love

    Welcome to my online journal! This is my vehicle for posting a variety of topics from photography to fashion to gadgets to about almost anything under the sun. My mind wanders off too much that I can't stay on a single topic. The standard disclaimer applies: the opinions expressed in this blog are my own but I can't blame you if you agree with me. Have fun!!! ...more

    Learn and Go

    Crafting, sewing, DYI projects, revamping old furniture, cooking, and more! Learn and Go is one of my creative outlets to share my most recent projects and life stories. Hope you can follow along as I Learn and Go through this crazy life!...more

    Learn. Create. Do.

    Location Australia See map: Google Maps Welcome to my blog. I am a working, married, mother of a teenage daughter ("Graviee"), who is finally finding the time for Me. I began blogging in 2009 as a way to record items I was crossing off my bucket list. In 2010 I joined an online network of friends who inspired, motivated and challenged me to face my fears and get on with life. My second blog, Sam’s Spot, was a place where I could keep a record of these challenges which ranged from organizing the home to rediscovering yourself. I have now merged these blogs together to form Learn. Create. Do. At Learn. Create. Do....more

    Learning Daily

    Lee Sew Junkie

    Location Dubai United Arab Emirates The crafting adventures of an ex-advertising drone trying to live a less materialistic life....more

    Left Write and Center

    My views...about any and everything under the sun. ...more

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