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    Simple recipe, DIY projects, organization & cleaning ideas...a mommy on a budget!...more

    magenta and lime

    I am a twenty-something and I just married the most amazing man! We live in beautiful Colorado and just bought our first house. I love crafts, design, anything diy and hope to share my ideas, inspirations and memories with you....more

    Maggie May's Gifts

    Maggie May's Gifts is a DIY crafting blog transforming everyday items into fun and practical uses. It is a place to come and think outside of the box!...more

    Magic Senses

    A weblog for glycerin soap lovers and soap-o-holics like us… ...more

    Magical Places

    On our journey through life we encounter any number of places that inspire us. Some take our breath away. Some are just tiny reminders of the beauty around us. ...more


    Confession of a knitholic ...more

    Magpie Girl

    Magpie Girl was launched in Winter 2006 when I decided to be a real-live-grown-up artist and moved into an official studio. There, in a room of my own, I started working more consistently on writing projects, collage, and an eclectic collection of handmade projects. I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet and get easily distracted by the next sparkly idea that’s out there, so stop by often to see what’s new! ...more

    Maia's World

    Hi,and welcome to my world. I share my life full time with my husband, Tommy, cats: Dweezil and Sqigg, and horse, Miss Kitt. I have part timers, too. A fox named Roxy and four whitetail deer. My part timers aren't pets, they're wild animals who have honored me by allowing me to watch their lives unfold. Oh yes, I consider myself a misplaced cowgirl. From some fluke of fate, I landed in Maryland instead of Wyoming :)...more

    make art every day

    my art, my family and my life. all in one spot. it started as a way to keep my faraway family updated with the adventures of my little girls, but it's turned into so much more than that. my scrapbooking and photography businesses are frequent topics, as are the goofy things my kids say. ...more

    Make Grow Gather

    A modern take on the ancient impulse to make, grow and gather. ...more

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