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    Making Life Whimsical

    DIY Crafts, sweet things, free printables and lots of whimsy!...more

    Making the Pieces Fit

    I'm a full-time working mom of a little boy with autism and wife of a man with ADD who is trying to make the pieces fit in my world....more

    Making This Home

    Hi!  I'm Katie.  I'm an American living in Berlin, Germany.  My apartment's 480 sq feet; the kitchen's only 36.  I blog about DIY ideas, remodeling, crafts, home decor, and expat life, using my own house as victim.  First project?  A bigger kitchen. ...more
  • Mama Castner's Blog

    I'm a Massachusetts Mama blogging about my family life as a mom to my toddler son Cameron and as a wife to my husband Matt. I enjoy discussing Cameron's milestones and fun things we do together as a family. I also enjoy crafts, specifically scrapbooking and card making and will post fun projects I'm working on....more

    Fantastic blog! Very enjoyable to read. Love your projects, like the color book you made for ...more

    Mama Craft

    This is my blog where I share the craftiness which is my life. Mostly crafts and scrapbooking, with a little life thrown in. ...more

    Mama Days

    Mama O Knits Too Much

    Mama O Knits too Much is a knitting--and now gluten-free-cooking--blog from podcaster Heather Ordover. With a growing list of tutorials and informational posts, it's become a light go-to read for many in the knitting and spinning community....more

    Mama Quiere Beso

    Mama Quiere Beso...more

    Mama Said...

    Wannabe photographer using her family and iphone to capture the moments that are going by all too fast. Mom to two little men that make me shake my head in wonder, delight, and puzzlement. My husband is a hilarious over grown child that I find adorable, but don't tell him enough. Together we make Team Gurner. They are my 3 Gooey Gurner Guys. The 3G's. Though at times it seems as if I have no control over the other team players, I really am the Team Manager. In this house I am Top Chef, Martha Stewart, & Mother Goose rolled into one....more

    Mama Without Borders: A journalist writes about creating a home for kids with inspiring finds from throughout the world

    I'm a journalist and mother of two with a passion for creating a home with finds from throughout the United States and the rest of the world. I'm hoping that, gradually, my kids will ask questions about many of the items in our home and that these questions, in turn, will lead to greater discussions about who made these products and where. My dream is that my children grow up with a deep understanding of our own heritage and knowledge of the rich diversity of cultures worldwide. ...more

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