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    Om Nom Ally

    Om Nom Ally is a wholefood recipe blog utilising a range of nutrient-rich ingredients with recipes suitable (where possible) for a range of common dietary needs, allergies and food intolerances. The aim here is to follow clean eating, wholefood practices to provide you with increased energy, youthful vitality and more money in your wallet. With ingredient suggestions for most common diets and dietary exclusions, everyone can enjoy easy, lip-smacking, nourishing food!...more

    On a Lark Design

    A blog about my adventures in sewing, crafting, and generally enjoying life in rural Maine. I sew mostly accessories and home decor, but I'm getting more into apparel and learning other types of crafts. Check out my blog for tutorials, current projects, and general musings. ...more

    On Entertaining

    Curated highlights about DIY entertaining for the new generation...more

    On Hollyhock Farm

    I am all about trash. I love digging through it to get to the treasure. I drag it home and think of how to turn it into decor for my home or to sell. Our house is constantly in a state of confusion, with the dining room transformed into my crafting station. My poor hubby has to eat where ever he can squeeze out a space for himself. Our bathroom is a staging area for the next project to be started. All this happening in an 1800's home that has been passed down to our family which is the third generation. This blog is also about farming, and all the rescued animals that live with us....more

    On Hooks and Needles

    A blog by a crafty mom who talks about her family, her crafts and other daily life stuff. ...more

    On Tap for Today

    Stop by to see what's On Tap for Today! ...more

    On the Creative Path

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you find what you are looking for whether that is a helpful tip, a creative spark or just a laugh. I chose this particular title for my blog because I am not necessarily devoted to one particular type of creative activity all the time. Well, I take that back, right now I mostly love to knit, sew and write, as those are the only occupations that I can stop and start easily. This is essential when you have two children under the age of two to care for. ...more

    On the road back...

    The trials and tribulations on losing weight and becoming comfortable in my own skin. Mixed in with every day life. ...more


    A mishmash of crafts, hobbies, home deco, baking, knitting, crochet, sewing, links and features, and a few bits of day-to-day life for garnish. ...more

    Ondago Arts Photo Blog

    From the Pixel Chix: eclectic mix of photos from traditional to edgy....our tromp through the world with cameras in hand. ...more

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