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    OUR LITTLE HAUS { by the sea shore }

    Our Nesting Place

    My life as a SAHM and military wife living in Honolulu, Hawaii....more

    Our Perfekt Life

    This blog is a 'peek' into the story of my family. We're numerous. We're loud. We're entrepreneurs. We're dealing with blindness. We think we're pretty funny. I think I'm the love-child of Martha Stewart and Ty Pennington. Mostly, we're grateful for every day, and I'm not just sayin' that. Thanks for stopping by.    ...more

    Our Serving of Insanity

    I am a work at home mom with two kids. I work in the nonprofit industry at a church doing a total of three separate jobs. I also have started my own painting (fine art painting) business. Add that to having a home that is in dire need of neverending projects, and our life is insanity. Then, mix in a marital affair that we are still recovering from, dysfunctional family, and an alcoholic father who is in and out of jail. Basically, I use my blog to talk about it all....more

    Our Seven Dwarfs

    Location Atlanta, GA United States See map: Google Maps We are two creative Mommies (Shannon & Jill) who love to craft. Our talents include utilizing the Silhouette, sewing, wood crafting, crocheting, knitting, decorating, cooking, using the glue gun, experimenting with new techniques and having fun!....more

    Our Sunnyview

    Our Sunnyview is a place where my life comes together.  This blog is all about learning from life.  It runs the gauntlet from gardening to Grandma, mental illness to making pie, dogs to decorating, and poultry to projects for school.  In other words, it's a little bit of everything in life with some humor thrown in to keep it real, all from our 5-acre neck of the woods in not-so-rural Oklahoma. :)...more

    Out of Focus for now...

    This will be the journey of the 30-something, wife and mother of four that likes a little adventure and would like to get the "to do" list done with a smile, challenging myself to do a little of this and a little of that for about 30 days or 30 times. It is a small challenge that will hopefully open the door to trying lots of little things along the way. I kind of figured at the end of the day there may be a little something for everyone....more

    Over Cups of Joe...

    Often, I have great conversations and occasionally, some great ideas over cups of joe. We shall see if those great ideas can be put to words. No promises, but here goes... My blog is a way for me to share some of my experiences, and even some of my short term goals.  A blog is a wonderful outlet to share tips and tricks that I've learned, to share ideas that inspire me, to educate others on things I am passionate about, and to motivate other busy moms.  I've learned so much from reading other blogs, and my hope is that I can inspire others with mine....more

    Over the Threshold

    The day to day happenings in the life of a soon to be Navy wife....more

    Overbury Ink

    Location Montreal Canada See map: Google Maps Overbury Ink explores the art, design and writing of steampunk aesthetic: an arena to explore where the genre is going, and what is means to its enthusiasts. Here a home can be found for those with an eye for the unusual, original and unique....more

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