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    Project 365

    A "photo a day" for the whole of 2009 and beyond. Usually they're taken on the day, but sometimes I have to "cheat" and edit an old one. You'll find gaps when life gets too busy, but the images are all on my hard disks somewhere so I will catch up eventually:-)...more

    Project Lovegood

    Project Lovegood is were the best things in life are handmade. It encompasses many diy projects, some recipes, and other handmade/self-grown items. It's about getting your hands dirty and becoming closer to the things we use, eat, and read, by having a part in them. I love to create/make/do all kinds of things and Project Lovegood is my outlet for sharing my passion. ...more

    Project Minima

    Location United States See map: Google Maps Project Minima:  dedicated to simplifying my consumption and accumulation of stuff (especially clothes), one step at a time, starting today 6-1-11 for one year....more

    Project: Art365

    I have a couple of pictures to share. The first is a picture of the book making class I've been teaching at Jacob's Aikido Camp. Kids as young as 4 are making these with help, of course. They've been fun to make and we have two days left to work on the inside. Today, I was also able to paint for a few minutes and worked on the cake painting. It feels a little like decorating a cake. I'm still struggling with the idea of simple still life’s to some degree. I have to ask the question, where is the line between commercial and fine art?...more

    Projects By Jane

    Location Singapore A cool, lonely housewife keeps her sanity writing about her journey thru' bag-making. Sometimes she writes bag-making tutorials when enough people have begged for it. Sometimes she writes insanely funny stories about her life.    ...more

    PS in Love

    Location Myrtle Beach United States See map: Google Maps PS in Love is a detailed account of the trials, tribulations and glory of two people falling in love, moving 800 miles away from everything they know, and putting together their first home. Each DIY has a tutorial, and great places to visit in Myrtle Beach are regularly featured through the couple's adventures....more


    PuglyFeet's Daily Mug is the photo-blog of an extremely flat-footed woman in the lovely Sunset District of San Francisco who loves ground patterns and stylish comfort shoes and strange enough to take pictures of her horrific feet wherever she goes. Additionally, PuglyFeet has a traditional blog located at where she writes about her interests in stylish comfort shoes, fashion, crafts, art, technology, and her life as a thirty something computer science student at SFSU. ...more

    Puma Life

    Puma Life is a blog that began as Puma Wedding, detailing the wedding of two twenty-something college seniors getting married.  Now I blog about life as young newlyweds recently relocated halfway across the country in a new phase of life.  The blog covers marriage, food, new jobs, grad school, decorating a rental apartment, being on a teeny budget, planning for the future, our dog, our apartment garden and much more!...more

    Punky And Me

    Life with the coolest little kid I know, and other things from a crafty, arty, eco mamma. ...more

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