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    Red Carpet Rollout

    Red Carpet Rollout is your guide to planning, hosting and attending social, charitable/fundraising and corporate events. It’s a place to share best practices so we can all plan and host amazing events! From fundraising tools for charities, to style tips for attending an event, Red Carpet Rollout has it all. Get ready to rollout the red carpet!...more

    Red Dirt Mama

    Location Oklahoma United States See map: Google Maps I'm a simple girl with small-town roots - a jill of all trades and a master of none. I blog about creative projects, recipes, motherhood, and I pretend to be a photographer.  I'm embarrassingly honest (usually my embarrassment, not yours!) and I have a compulsive need to be liked.  I have far more interests than I have time in the day, but I wouldn't cut a single thing out. I would write even if no one read it, because it's something I love to do.   I'm just a red dirt mama- molded by the red dirt and the love of my family......more

    Red Easel

    Red Easel is the visual artist’s resource for information and inspiration in one place.  Art instruction, history, stories, news, demonstrations, biographies, galleries, critiques, and more! Take a stroll through our studio to get your creative juices flowing....more

    Red Glitter & Glue

    We are engaged and planning an intimate syrupy sweet destination wedding for next year. We started this blog initially so our folks could keep up with our two-bride nuptials, but it has evolved along the way. Follow along with us in real time as we figure stuff out and gather inspiration. Be privy to our personal conversations and whatever else we can think of......more

    Red Mongoose - Art School Girl

    An art student, too cynical to be a "real artist," I like to write about the art world and my experiences within.I specialize in digital painting and Photoshop, and love digital 3D, traditional sculpture, drawing, painting, and everything else. I like to share her creations in this blog, whether they're inspired or just silly.Money is made doing photo repair and glamour retouches (the kind everyone hates), despite my love for gritty, rough beauty.I'm a huge geek, as well, and I like to dabble in world creation, text games, and lots and lots of video games....more

    Red Monkey

    Red Monkey talks about design, art, current events, life, the universe and everything. Considering that I either have ADHD or Asperger's, my blog can get fairly random. ...more

    Red Nose

    The life of a menopausal, ex-circus clown instructional designer, Red Nose contains circus memories, shameless promotion, and random musings on life and work. ...more

    Red Shoe Ramblings

    Red Shoes for Rwanda

    Please join me in my efforts as I wear ONLY red shoes every day of the year 2010. Think of this like a "walk-a-thon" of sorts. I am taking pledges, and/or donations, & for every day I wear red shoes this year, you promise to donate "X" amount of $'s to help Rwandan Street children who have been contracted HIV/AIDS or have been forced to prostitute themselves to live....more

    Red Velvet Wisdom

    t's the wisdom and love that is passed down through the generations. It encompasses the idea that the people you love are the only treasures you will ever truly possess, and in feeding our bodies, very often we feed our souls...more

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