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    Ricochet Dreamer

    Location Fort Worth, TX United States See map: Google Maps I blog about babies, pregnancy, natural birth and parenting, green living, residency, gardening, grad school, and travel....more

    Riding Bareback Beside a Train

    My artistic pursuit! ~ Riding bareback...beside a train. Sure, looking in. Grabbing on the train cars for a second maybe, but staying on THIS horse. Beside the train......... And, I'm on a fast horse that works really hard, bless his heart....more

    Rippin-Kitten: a girl and her motorcycle blog

    Girls + motorcycles = ROCK! I'm just a biker chick turned bloggy. ...more

    Rita's Sew Fun

    Sorry.  I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do with this box...let's hope nobody reads this... ...more

    Rites of Passage

    Knitting, environmental concerns, just basic life stuff. ...more

    Rittners School of Floral Design Blog

    Blog of Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, Ma. Blog contains information, photos and videos useful for do-it-yourselfers, gardeners, hobbyists, and individuals interested in floral art and floral design. ...more

    Road Home Quilting

    I am blogging about everything my Mom is learning as a new quilt designer. I will also report on quilt shows and shops I visit with my Mom. We will also have product and book reviews for you....more

    Robin - Gifts You Can Feel Good About

    Graphic Design Artist who loves Vintage. Printables Designer, gift bags, gift boxes, cards, envelopes, tea party, scrapbooking ...more

    Robin's Woods

    I am a photographer. I take portraits. It's what I do; it defines me. I started out my career in a high end studio, but soon found that things like flowers and critters didn't talk back, and were way more fun to work with. Eventually, I left the studio behind, and moved to a log cabin in the middle of a slightly less than hundred acre woods. Life in a rural forest comes with it's own set of challenges, but I'll take it (and the critters) over life in the suburbs any day. Robin's Woods is more than just a blog; it's where I live and create. Welcome to the woods....more

    Rock n Roll Problems

    Location Houston, TX United States See map: Google Maps Rock n Roll Problems?  It’s what my husband and I refer to when we’re having issues that others might not…problems that others can’t relate to because they just aren’t at that stage yet.  Fancy problems.  You know, it’s like telling a friend who lives on his girlfriend’s couch that you’re trying to decide which neighborhood to buy a three bedroom home in that will hold its resale value.  Your friend doesn’t care, no matter how many house fliers you show him. So maybe you don’t care about our rock n roll problems either, but this is the blog I’ve talked about star...more

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