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    Scrapping Wonders

    Location Fort Lauderdale, FL United States See map: Google Maps Scrapping Wonders is a scrapbooking site that is all about teaching you how to scrapbook quickly and easily! My main goal is to teach people that they can find time to scrapbook and use their smartphones to help them scrapbook. Scrapping Wonders also has DIY paper crafting projects! ...more

    Scrappnbee the Scrapbooker

    This is a fun blog about scrapbooking, card making, and an attempt to keep it all organized! It is written from the points of view of all of those little voices that are in your head…and often at odds with each other (you know that OCD voice that wants it spotless vs. that Inner Hoarder that has piles that she cannot bear to throw away and more!).  It is a 29 week cycle to organize the different areas in your crafting space, and then we start over again.  There is also some family antics thrown in…as reading about organizing is SO entertaining…LOL!...more

    Scraps & Lagniappe: a Louisiana mom's scrapbooking and good times blog

    Tunes you need Tuesday So, I’m still trying to get my iPod back up to speed since I lost so much music with the crash of my old laptop. Gotta say I love the new laptop, but I have to get my music back. I have to upload a lot of music before next week’s scrapbook retreat in Natchez, MS — I only ...more

    Scraps (n., fem., singular)

    Though she would like to think her viewpoint is unique, its much more likely that she's one of the few people in her circle who will just say what's on everyone else's mind. Currently wrapped up in new projects, posts include snippets of life lived as a single-again thirtysomething NOT looking for the next Mr. Right, web woes as she wrangles sites and forums, and her newly-started webcomic, Random Acts..., and its sequential art siblings still in utero. ...more

    Scraps of Mind

    A scrapbook 'magazine' blog packed with scrapbooking articles, tutorials, layouts and ideas for paper, digital and hybrid scrapbookers. Sister site to which is designed especially for beginners to digital scrapbooking. Showing you how to turn your special photos into creative art works. ...more


    learn, live, create, give......and don't forget to call your friends! ...more


    Art, pencil drawings and portraits, and entertainment. ...more


    Scrimpalicious: Cooking, Keeping, and Saving -- a blog about eating local, cutting waste, thrifting, decorating cheaply and creatively, and figuring out how to live with less of an impact on the earth and more of an impact on other people....more

    Sea Glass

    A blog about finding inspiration in everyday life. Like the shards of glass or tattered fragments on the beach, moments can easily be missed, forgotten about, thrown away. Our bustling, chaotic existence, with all of its meetings and deadlines and practices and appointments and never-ending to-do lists, can prevent us from truly experiencing the awe-inspiring moments in life. Inspiration exists in places you least expect it--during the drudgery of daily life, with all its messiness and imperfection."Sea Glass" is about opening yourself up...finding trancendent moments in everyday life....more

    Sea Glass Girl

    Writing and Searching for Sea Glass as Artistic and Spiritual Practice Glitter Litter: The transformation of trash to treasure, glass to gem, from sea to sand to hand. ...more

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