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    The Chronicles of Windy Ridge

    Go behind the scenes of the designer for eden's bouquet, the finest children's clothing in the world.  Chronicles life on a ranch with her husband and 8 children. ...more

    The Clever Pup

    Interesting Articles for Interesting people ...more

    The Clueless Crafter

    A site dedicated to exploring the broader implication of craft in our everyday lives.  Join other women as we explore the process and setbacks of becoming self made. ...more

    The Clutterninja Blog

    My blog on is mainly about simplifying your life by rightsizing and organizing your home. Topics range from getting out the door on time in the morning to making your closet your personal version of Nordstrom (fun to shop from) to how to organize your kitchen to make healthy eating more fun....more

    The Collecting Gene

    Is having a passion for collecting a matter of choice? Or is collecting an inherent uncontrollable desire? Is there actually a “collecting gene”? Yes, absolutely! This blog examines the things people collect. Reports about collectibles in the news. And showcases how collections are displayed online. ...more

    The Consignment Sale Queen

    Everything you ever wanted to know about saving money, time and stress when participating in any Children's Consignment Sales....more

    the Contemporary Housewife

    A blog about life as a homemaker, for anyone who finds themselves taking care of the home, cleaning, cooking, laundering and all of the organizing along with it.  I take a bit of a historical look at home care throughout the ages and compare what I have to do on a weekly basis, along with sharing some recipes, resources and tips....more

    The Cordial Crafter

    Hello! I'm the Cordial Crafter. My blog is a place where I share my faith as well as my love of food and joy in crafting....more

    The Cottage Apartment

    The Cottage Apartment is where I dream of my cottage in the woods... from my apartment in the city.  I'll take on projects, shop it up, and highlight some of my places for inspiration.  I'll make my apartment a home and share my experiences and silly stories along the way! ...more

    The Cottage Designer

    I am a kitchen and bath interior designer in Western New York. I live in a cottage that was built in 1830(out in the country)in which my husband and I have been renovating for 18 years! I started this blogspot to highlight some things that I feel need to be recognized. There are wonderful people who have helped me reached certain goals in my life and I feel they need to be thanked! Also, in the world of interior design, there are so many cool products that people never get to view or even know that things existed....more

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