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    As a slightly unhinged first time stay at home mom to my hurricane of a daughter, I am obviously qualified to review our favorite guilty pleasure Teen Mom. I also write about thrift store shopping, interior design on a budget, cooking, and my fitness goals. And parenting of course....more

    That Army Wife Life

    "That Army Wife Life offers resources, information and flexible strategies for making Army Wife Life work for you."...more

    That Honey-Do List

    That Honey-Do List is written by Toni, a Stay At Home Mom, for other SAHMs.  Toni chronicals her adventures raising 3 small children while taking over the Honey-Do list.  With the use of humor, basic knowledge of tools, reader sumbitted DIY brags and simple How-Tos That Honey-Do List aims to empower moms to tackle projects they might not otherwise attempt. ...more

    That Seams Fun

    Tips, techniques, and great finds for the beginner sewing and quilting enthusiast. I’ve created this blog to report on the best tips, projects, free patterns, my crazy fabrics obsession (both designs and deals), and techniques that I think the sewing and quilting beginner will be interested in. This blog will be like a repository for all the good beginner sewing stuff out there.I hope this blog comes in handy as it grows – feel free to send me comments and blogs you think I should check out. ...more

    That's Graphic - Graphic, website design and personal creative projects

    I am a self employed graphic designer and my blog showcases some completed projects and works in progress as well as sharing some personal things going on in my life. ...more

    That's What {Che} Said

    At That's What {Che} Said you will find a bit of everything!  I dabble mostly in DIY, Crafts and my kids but you will also find recipes, photography, photoshop tips, and daily rants!  My blog is much like my personality...a bit of everything!  However I always have something to say about it!  Thanks for stopping by, I love to meet new people!   ...more

    Location DC/Maryland/Virginia United States See map: Google Maps I’m a 20-something working professional striving to become debt free and financially responsible by living frugally. I started this blog to document my journey to financial freedoms as well as to share my experiences with others. I’m an everyday girl who wants to live a fabulous and comfortable life without damaging my financial foot print to achieve it! You will find tips and tricks on saving money, travel, fashion, paying debt and everything you can possibly think of! Join me on my frugal journey and lets achieve this financial utopia together....more

    Thatta Kedona

    Self Held Project in rural Pakistan that is run by senior German experts. ...more

    The Taradiddle and Twaddle of Motherhood

    It hit me today- like a slap in the face, kick in the pants, load of bricks dropped from above hit me. I am a mom to two toddlers! Hmmm... My first reaction was a smile that stretched my cheeks far higher than I normally allow. Then, as a I sat in my very hot car in front of Stater Bros, I felt a tiny bit of fear creep over me. Just a touch, like a nervous feeling you get when you are driving somewhere unfamiliar, worried you may become lost. I asked myself if I knew what I was doing, if I was ready for the road that lay ahead. The answer was ...more

    The $#a!%& Extension

    DIY ...more

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