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    The (Im)Perfect Life Of A Suthurn Princess....

    My blog is about my every day life as a - wife, step mother, and wanna be diy'er. Sometimes I make random posts that may pertain to anything from relationships to politics to my being a survivor of rape and domestic violence. In other words - it has a bit of everything....more

    The 2010s Housewife

    A blog about being a modern wife who clips coupons, bakes cookies, plans parties, gets her craft on and loves her husband!...more

    The Abramyan Way

    We are a homeschooling family of four in San Antonio. My husband is a jeweler, I work part time. We love to cook, learn together, play together and laugh together. My oldest daughter loves model homes and the youngest one loves decorating. What a perfect match!...more

    the adventure that is life

    Turning the happenings of our ordinary life into extraordinary adventures. Join Ben, Christy, and Oliver (the dachshund) on this adventure that is life. ...more

    The Adventures of Annie and Her Boys

    I'm a mother of three young boys doing my best to parent mindfully and an intellectual property attorney ( forging a career path that is fulfilling instead of merely time-consuming. I write about our joys, struggles and hopes. And because I need some pathetic substitute for my boys' nonexistent baby albums. Follow us as we embark on a year-long adventure in Australia in December 2011......more

    The Adventures of Ashley Plath

    The Adventures of Ashley Plath follows Ashley and her friends in London. They have been searching for a lost friend, Emily Blur. Nicola, Silvia and Victoria share a house with Ashley in South Kensington. They are known as The SSK Girls. (SSK = Sunny South Kensington.) The Adventures of Ashley Plath is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, organisations, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. ...more

    The Adventures of Bullygrrl

    The Adventures of Bullygrrl is my one woman account of my start into the craft biz and motherhood at the same time. Intrigue, romance, danger and a lot of comedy.  ...more

    The Adventures of KJ & The Dreamy Giraffe

    Here in black and white (and a bunch of other colors) are the adventures & mis-adventures of KJ and her Dreamy Giraffe, which involve a lot of paint, more words than are probably necessary and an extreme amount of exclamation marks. But never superglue, because that stuff's scary. Warning: In between making art, writing stories, and doing her best to run a one-woman cottage industry with minimal freakouts -- she may brag here and there about being an aunt to the cutest toddler on the planet. ...more

    The Albrechts Blog

    The Albrechts Blog is a lifestyle, craft and design blog devoted to sharing life openly, honestly and intentionally. I share the funny, serious, and exciting aspects of our lives as well as what we're passionate about--Jesus, crafts, creativity, and fun!...more

    the amazing and incredible invisible blog

    Location United States See map: Google Maps A blog that charts the progress of one person's pursuit of many things.  So far, that includes, cooking, writing, photography, sewing and numerous strange posts that are not twitter but are pretty close....more

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