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    Turkeycookies collects my passions: I write about my creative whims and the crafts that result, food I'm making, and the life I'm living. ...more

    Turn Right At Lake Michigan

    Turn Right At Lake Michigan is the journey of a young couple to renovate a 100+ year old house in Dayton, Ohio by the skin of their teeth and with their bare hands while juggling two kids, five cats, and a fat Chihuahua. Brace yourself for honesty, humor, and a lot of bright colors....more

    Turtle Knits

    A blog about my hobbies. Knitting, reading gardening, meeting friends, attending knit cafe, I walk my golden labrador every morning - She is 8 years old. I'm married with husband and 3 grown up child ...more

    turtleturtleturtle's blog

    My life as an Irish ex-pat and military wife in the U.S. General ramblings on parenting. And crafting as a novice. Obviously I am funny and insightful and brilliant!?!...more

    Tutorials to Boot: A sewing and crafting blog with a little bit of everything especially tutorials

    I can make that!  This is the saying that this blog was built off of.  So many people in my life have invested both considerable time and effort into making me a DIY kind of person.  So now I'm taking the time to make others into one through both writing about and linking to sites that show us exactly how to sew or craft all of life's little "extras."  ...more


    twelveOeight is a DIY lifestyle blog authored by a Tanya, a stay a home mom, DIY fanatic, coffee loving, fabric hoarder who is making her suburban farmhouse a place to call home....more

    Twenty Eight 0 Five

    Twig and Thistle

    Daily inspiration for home and life. ...more

    Two Boys Four Cats No Dogs Yet

    Location United States See map: Google Maps I was widowed in early 2010, but I'm slowly learning what normal means while trying to keep up with my family, which includes my sons Agent 96 (14) and Agent 98 (13); our cats Ada, Pixel, Scruffy & Momo; and Mr. T, the box turtle. And that dog I swore I wouldn't get until they make one that doesn't poop or smell when it gets wet? Her name's Zoet. She poops a lot. And smells really bad....more

    Two Chums

    Two Chums is just that, two dear friends who want to share what we have learned about love, joy and abundant living.  We are striving to be informational and inspirational...a sort of Martha meets Oprah :)...more

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