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    A Mother in Israel

    The cutting edge (!) of homemaking and parenting in Israel and the observant Jewish community. By a mother of many, born in the US and now living in Israel. I write about parenting books, breastfeeding, Jewish family life, Jewish holidays, motherhood and career, day-to-day challenges with children and teenagers, child safety, and mainly about negotiating life in Israel as a non-native (almost no politics). Thanks for stopping by! ...more

    a 30-something life

    a 30-something life...all wrapped up in diet coke, cupcakes and a great pair of heels. oh, and don't forget the handbag! ...more

    A Baby Proposal

    The adventures of one infertile woman dealing with PCOS, a bad thyroid and a husband with slow sperm. ...more

    A Baker's Dozen and Apollo XIV

    Photographer and Mom to 14 writes about daily life in a large family....more

    A Balanced Life, LLC

    This blog is intended to provide all women with information, resources and coaching to help them lead balanced and fulfilled lives. ...more

    A Bambino Story

    This blog is about fertility, pregnancy, babies, food, and life from my perspective - a gay 30 year old currently prego w/ twins conceived via IVF. ...more

    A Bean to Grind

    Location Saint Paul, MN United States See map: Google Maps A Bean to Grind is the ranting and raving of a mom fueled entirely by coffee. I'm a harried working/stay-at-home mom who requires several cups of coffee in the morning in order to function. This blog shares my love of the life of a mom and the coffee that helps me do it all....more

    A Beautiful Mess

    I am the thirty-something, online shopping, always cooking, homeschooling mom of three AWESOME kids and the wife of my wonderful husband Dave. We live in beautiful Lancaster County, PA....more

    a beautiful [pregnant] mind

    my pregnancy and parenthood debacles... ...more

    a belle, a bean and a chicago dog

    An autobiography of marriage, parenthood, pet ownership & life, in general....more

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