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    white trash mom

    In a world that expects a mother to be a size 2 while enjoying a career that pays a six-figure salary and homeschooling children---all at the same time----there is an alternative. The alternative is WHITE TRASH MOM. ...more

    Whitetail Wood

    I am a proud homemaker and I live in a rural area with my husband and two daughters.  I enjoy taking care of my home and my family.  Since I spend alot of time doing things for my family and home, I found blogging to be a great way to spend time doing something for me.  I really enjoy reading other people's blogs as well.  I find very many of them to be inspirational....more


    You might be shocked at my honesty but it will keep you coming back for more. My blog follows my life, and my life is that reaches all edges. I cover marriage, adoption, being a pastors wife, travel, and everyday life in a raw and authentic way. I love to LIVE each and every moment and I love for people to come along for ride with me. H ...more

    Whitterer on Autism

    A wry, dry expat view of American family life, a gentle tease rather than a dig, ooo and a couple of autistic children too.   Cheers dears ...more

    Who Else Wants to Live in My House?

    Two Dads, Two Moms, Four Boys, Three-and-a-Half Girls, Three Cats, Two Dogs... Two Sisters Blog About Communal Living ...more

    Who Knew

    A blog about family, teaching, dieting, and my life.  ...more

    Who Knew this was the Hard Part?

    Figuring out this Mommy thing one day at a time ...more

    Who Needs a Cape?

    We aren't your average Super Moms!  We are real mom's who make breakfast, lunch, and dinner - difference is we share our recipes with you!  Sometimes we sneak in some crafts or fun ideas too!  ...more

    Who Says 8 Is Enough?

    This is a blog about my life with my nine beautiful children. It is the story about adoption, foster care, infertility and everything that comes before, during and after. We don't claim to be perfect or anything even remotely close, but we do our best to look at life with a realistic approach, which sometimes leads to laughs and often leads to tears, but always ends with a nice big piece of chocolate. :) ...more

    Who's the Boss?

    This blog is my attempt to reconstruct the notion of the working mother. ...more

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