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    ...And the Saga Continues...

    Quirky, crispy mom and wife writes about her own meandering experiences while growing up.   ...more

    ...Bahamas Bahamas Bahamas...

    Musings on life with three kids, including twin toddlers with a terminal muscle disease called SMA....more

    ...from the Back Burner

    Encouragement for Motherhood, Straight from the Trenches...more

    ...just breathe

    Location Rochester, NY United States See map: Google Maps My site is a place where I come to share my recipes, crafts, and my trials with raising a rambunctious toddler.  I’m married, have a 2 year old, & am in treatment for anxiety/depression. I also have a small cookie business as well that I run on my own. Occasionally you will see pictures of cookies for my clients :) Feel free to contact me for orders!...more
  • ...then came eva in a baby carriage

    I love this blog and read it daily. One of my favorites!more

    ...Together We Have It All

    My blog started out to be about converting our School Bus into an RV but it was too hard to not talk about my kids and all the goofy stuff that happens in our house. ...more
  • ..And the Adventure Continues

    ...And the Adventure Continues is my little spot here on the interwebs. The name came about with a conversation I had with a friend of mine. In my life, the adventures never stop. Be it: A deployment, life with twins, living in Europe, and just plain surviving the day to day. In our conversation, an even had happened and his only response was "and your adventure continues!" and the name stuck.My life is an adventure. I am an army wife. My husband Mathew is a combat medic (AKA 68W)....more
    Was trying to leave a comment on your blog but didnt work!more

    .:|My Little Angel|:.

    These are the stories, pictures, and experiences that make up the content of motherhood in my life. The super good, the disappointing bad, and the sometimes-too-oft-occurring ugly. Day by day, it gets a little more interesting! ...more




    Hi I am a stay at home mother of two and a wife.  At .simply.simon. you will find me rambling about crafts, motherhood, coffee, and adoption - not all in that order. :)   ...more

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