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    152 Insights to My Soul

    I'm a stay-at-home momma to two kids who have changed my life in my ways than I could possibly write about. Yet I try. I try to document the changes, preserve the memories, capture the moments and learn something in the process....more

    154 Hidden Court

    Welcome to 154 Hidden Court, where crazy is just a way of life.  I'm mj, and I live here with my kids, my hubby, and all our accumulated bits of crazy.  I'm a recovering bookseller and a full time stay at home Mama, and in my spare time, I'm a pretend runner,  a wanna-be gourmet chef, a not yet discovered famous writer, and stand up comedian in hiding.  Some days I'm even Catwoman in disguise....more

    16 Balls in the Air

    This is the story of two friends who each had a son, then another son and another and another...until we had 4 sons each. With 8 boys between us, we would like to share the ups and downs, crazy days and wonderful adventures we face every day. We may not be perfect mothers. What fun would that be? But we are doing the best we can juggling it all, one ball at a time, and having a blast (most days) as we figure it out together. ...more

    17 Apart

    We are Mary Andrews and Tim Vidra.17 Apart ...more

    18 Years 2 Life

    Three Moms. Their philosophies. Their lives. Perfectly Imperfect. Sometimes you're friends for a reason. Join us as we share the highs and lows of motherhood, as well as all of the poopy diapers in between. We're three friends, living in different parts of the world, keeping each other sane via the 'net. Because, who else will understand when you find your kid playing "submarine" with a floater in the tub?...more


    I'm a Mom, wife, and nurse.  This is my day to day life with my husband and two daughters (one 14 years old, one almost 2 and recently adopted from China). ...more - Gift Blog

    At we talk about online resources and shopping ideas for gifts. Our experts talk about DIY gift ideas, green gifts, unique gifts, wedding gift etiquette, saving on gifts and much more! ...more

    1st Books: Stories of How Writers Get Started

    If you think writers are born rather than made and brilliant writing is recognized immediately, those rejection slips for your novel—or story or nonfiction query, or (heaven help you) letter to your own mother—can seem a daunting thing. The truth is getting started as a writer takes hard work, persistence, and a bit of luck....more

    2 Birds in a Cage

    I'm a new wife who like most women out there are trying to learn how to live in this world and thrive while doing it. Whether it's saving money, being crafty, learning how to be a better cook or just make ourselves better we could all use a little encouragement or advice. So let's share and grow from each other!...more

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