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    Wife and Mommy

    Rambling acccounts, vignettes and essays of my life as a wife and mommy...although I like to think I am much more than that. ...more

    Wife Evolving: Fitness and Nutrition as a Wife and Mom

    Wife Evolving is written by Kristen: army wife, nutritionist, massage therapist, personal trainer, and mother to one gorgeous baby boy....more

    Wife of a Sailor

    … deployments, PCSing and holding down the homefront– It’s a Sailor’s Wife I’m a small-town woman who fell in love with a Navy man while he was on shore duty in Michigan. And then I decided to join the Navy Reserves as an officer (still waiting on my commissioning). On March 21, 2009, we were married… just in time for him to return to sea duty in the great state of Washington. Without me. ...more

    Wild Blueberry Ink

    Wander along with Wild Blueberry Ink through the life of a stay at home graphic designer, full time mother to a toddler on the go, and wife of a former football player.  Delve into digital scrapbooking and DIY projects, creative crafting and organization ideas, family fun and living a life inspired!...more

    Wild Culture

    We are a delight driven, nature loving, story telling, soup slurping, bread kneading, paint splashing, song singing, wool felting, anti consumerist, fair trading, free cycling, skill gathering, beeswax buzzing, costume wearing, ball kicking, book worming, seed planting, guitar strumming, game gaming, musical jamming, always making family of seven. ...more

    Wild Parenting

    Wild Parenting is a decision to live life awake and aware, allowing our children to find their own voices and follow their own paths. Being wild is not about subscribing to a particular parenting dogma. It is, however, a rejection of the overscheduling, micromanaging, hyperparenting model in favor of embracing the natural flow of childhood. Wild families are community-minded, freedom-filled, nature-loving, and justice-seeking. We are creative and courageous, playful and expressive. ...more

    Wildcard Quilts

    A blog about quilts, kids, and other wonderfully wacky stuff. From the designer of the quilts in The Little Box of Baby Quilts. ...more

    Wildly Blessed

    Location Crawford, Texas United States See map: Google Maps Wildly Blessed shares a bold look at life through the lens of faith in God. You'll find funny stories and random musings, and I pray you'll share in my joy of journeying through life courageously....more

    Will it rain today?

    It's always strunk me as curious....what could possibly be so confusing about that simple statement? 'Will it rain today?' But there is quite a bit that can be behind those little words. Are you hoping for it, pleading it not to come, or perhaps just wondering the possibilities. Words are a funny medium that can be easily mistaken and misunderstood. Not just in a text based form such as this but in person as well. What sounds sharp and biting to one person may be taken as playful to another. ...more

    Will Your Kids Eat It? Single Mom Cooks.

    I was raised in a traditional family with a working father and stay-at-home mother.  No matter what the evening had in store, a home-cooked meal enjoyed together around the table was always a priority.  This is much more difficult to do when you are both mother and father to your children.  In the United States, nearly 19 million single parents know just how hard it is to work all day, manage a household, and raise children without a partner.&n...more

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