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    Bad Mommy

    My life, my opinions, my stories with my three girls: A teenager, an almost teenager (help me), and a five-year old. It's bliss over here in hormone hell. ...more

    Bad Mommy Moments

    Bad Mommy Moments celebrates the fact that sometimes being a mom sucks. Not always. Just sometimes. In fact, it's often hard to tell if motherhood is real, or just a satire of itself... ...more

    Bad Mummy

    Written by a 20-something first time mum of a premature daughter who is finding it hard to come to terms with a lack of time and the constant smell of spew. Bad Mummy talks about her attempts at running a household, raising a child and finding time to do those little things that keep her sane - like showering. ...more

    Bad Mutha Blogger

    Bad Mutha Blogger ...more

    Baddest Mother Ever

    I was divorced AND widowed by the age of 36.  I now have 3 children and all that comes along with them.  This leads me to write about finding selfhood, gratitude, rebuilding, joy, grief, and one silly dog named Huckleberry Finn.  ...more


    A super-fun suburban woman/wife/mom/teacher who nobly fights off the advances of many attractive people during the course of each day, then finds the time & energy to share her joy through this blog while simultaneously providing a loving environment for her devoted family and occasional students. Yay me. ...more


    Baker Mama Love

    Life as a mom.  Making the best of this crazy life....more


    This is our adventure in raising our son, born 11/4/10.  We are an outdoor family and enjoy introducing our son to backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, camping, canoeing, rocking climbing, gardening and cooking. ...more

    Baking In A Tornado

    I’m Karen, a struggling-to-remain-sane stay-at-home Mom of teenagers who found, quite by accident a few years ago, that baking relieves stress.  Who knew?  Draw your own conclusions about the amount of stress my kids treat me to, all I’m admitting to publicly is that we have lots of treats around here… new ones daily.  Although I do bake to relieve stress, to relieve stress, and oh yeah, to relieve stress, there are other strategies I’ve been trying as well.  Face it, there’s only so much butter, flour and sugar available.  So I started blogging.  Blogging has ...more

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