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    Daddy and the Estrogens

    I am a mother of six daughters and love to see humor through the cat fights and chaos!...more -- Opinionated, green, frugal, breastfeeding mom of a toddler!

    I have always been unafraid to voice my opinion, and now I have a whole slew of new ones about being a stay-at-home mom who also juggles a freelance editor career. With this blog I want to share with you what I learned works and doesn’t work, what benefits your child and you. I want to become a resource and trusted “friend” you can rely on for information. ...more

    Daily Adventures (Life with a Toddler)

    This is my story of the daily adventures that life with a toddler can bring.  Laugh with me, cry with me, worship with me, HELP ME!! ...more

    Daily Adventures of a Work at Home Mom

    A blog about the good, bad and funny adventures of a Mom.  I am a work at home Mom so I am home with the kids and often have many adventures to share! Anything from funny things that kids say to kid friendly recipes can be found here.    ...more

    Daily Coupon Adventures

    Location Los Angeles, CA United States See map: Google Maps Daily Coupon Adventures gives daily updates on all the best deals, coupons and discounts at major grocery, drugstore and superstore chains throughout the U.S.  I like to find the best deals to save you money!...more

    Daily Dose of Cheer

    Welcome to our Daily Dose of Cheer. We are just a mother and daughter like you who want to encourage all moms and daughters to appreciate the gift of the special bond we have been given in life. Life is so much more fun with a little pink sprinkled in each day. Be cheerful is our motto. It is our special way for a Mom to tell her daughter to be careful out there and always be cheery–cheerful! ♥...more

    Daily Dose of Del Signore

    Southern Wife and Mom....Changing my life, one pound at a time! ...more

    Daily Dose of Sugar Mama

    "Offering sarcasm, honesty & humor to parenting and marriage since 1998." A 30-something rebellious conservative - Often indecisive and always dramatic - Mother of Teen, Tween & Girl and Wife to Sugar Daddy Lists, Recipes, Before/After projects, and straight up honesty from a young{ish} Mom...more

    Daily Dwelling

    The personal blog of a mom trying to dwell on things of real importance. ...more

    Daily Gnome: Life | Family | Home

    A mom and web designer blogs about family, kids, working from home, designing and life in the Great Northwest from her studio in Portland, Oregon. ...more

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