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    Daily Messes

    Daily Messes is a spot for parents to find kid and family related information. The posts will cover things to do with your kids: snacks, crafts, receipe ideas, and holiday fun. Hopefully, the blog will help give you some new ideas!...more

    Daily Missus

    You know those blogs written by pretty housewives with families who look like models, who eat organically, decorate with flair, and handle life's foibles with humor and a good attitude? Yeah, this isn't one of those....more

    Daily Mommy Survival

    Location Ohio United States See map: Google Maps Daily Mommy Survival is my life from my point-of-view as a SAHM to 3 boys (11, 5 and 2 years-old) all of whom have Autism. It's also about my life while I adjust to living with Fibromyalgia and attempt to become a freelance writer....more

    Daily Mothering

    A fun mommy blog focusing on product reviews, giveaways, deal alerts, coupon codes, recipes, blog events, cloth diaper reviews and articles, and eco-friendly topics.  ...more

    Daily Organized Chaos

    Family friendly site full of helpful tips, family recipes, ideas and other valuable information that help families to deal with everyday issues and dilemmas. At Daily Organized Chaos I write about challenges my family faces daily. I write about our travel adventures. I share my recipes, craft projects and tips that help families in everyday life. I love to review new products and discover new foods.  ...more

    Daily Organized Chaos

    Family friendly blog full of tips, ideas and helpful advice for everyday issues families face today. Blog full of family recipes, household tips, craft ideas and home decor. Review of hotels, restaurants and family friendly products. ...more

    Daily Shenanigans of an Aspiring (and failing) Super Mom.

    i have decided that the best way to use my spanish degree is to use it to feign ambivalence when my children misbehave in public...people will look at my children and i will simply act as if they do not belong to me and say, "donde estan los padres?" sure it might throw a casual passerby off that these children that i keep speaking spanish to when they obviously speak ...more

    Daily Thoughts from a Parent Trapped

    Just because we stay-at-home-moms watch more Noggin than Nightline doesn't mean we are content learning only shapes and colors.  Sometimes the humor, trials, triumphs, and craziness of the day just needs to come out.  Read my blog to see how crazy, and sometimes down and dirty this little life of mine can be.  ...more

    Daily Window @

    Lynda Giddens is a 31 year old work-at-home wife and mother of two young boys. She recently moved to her husband's home state of Texas. In 2010, she is participating in Project 365 where her goal is to take and post a photograph daily. Her website chronicles her life and her journey in learning more about photography and photo editing....more

    Daily Sarcast is a hilarious look at life through the eyes of a mother of three, a cancer survivor, a full time employee and a wife who all happen to be the same person - Shannon Dingee-Kramer.  Love and Relationship advice, parenting advice, News, Cancer Stories, and even some help with your own blog here and there - stop by for a visit!...more

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