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    Farmer's Daughter-in-Law

    I live on an 8 1/2 acre organic hobby farm in Powhatan Virginia with my husband Sean and our three boys. Celiac and multiple autoimmune diseases run in our family, so I make gluten free and organic food to try and keep everyone as healthy as possible.   Due to our youngest son's health issues, I home school him.  My idea of a perfect day is spending the day with my husband hitting a couple of yard sales and flea markets and then climbing around in an old barn, unearthing treasures. Fun!...more

    Farmers Wifey

    How to completely change your life without losing your mind. ...more

    Fashionably Domestic

    A blog about a vintage loving, crafting, quirky, tattooed woman's experiences with motherhood and domesticity....more

    Fashionably Organized

    Fashionably Organized is a blog that will help you organize your life and reviews of great organizational products...more


    A new Mama on a journey through motherhood and life, all the while trying to go from baby fat to baby phat. ...more

    Fat2FitMama – Mama of 2 gets skinny!

    This blog was created to follow my journey though weight loss. I’ve been at it for many years, but never documented any of it. This time, I’m making it public. NO HOLDING BACK. The good, the bad and the very UGLY! I am also going to obtain sponsors this time. Whether it’s companies that want me to use their product, or donors giving donations towards my Weight Loss Fund.  So, will you join me on my journey? Cause as we all know, it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey to get there. ...more

    Fate Times 2: Twins

    Our Life with Twins ...more

    FatHeadDog Deals

    FatHeadDog Deals is a web site dedicated to teaching others how to save money on household items. From free products to money-saving coupons, FatHeadDog Deals offers tips, ideas, articles and more for anyone looking to save a buck–and face it, who isn’t? ...more

    Fatty McFatterson

    I used to blog about being fat, now I blog about being fat and pregnant!...more

    Fawnahareo's Place

    I'm Fawn from Whitehorse, Yukon. I am wife to Michael and Mama to Jade and Halia, as well as handmaiden to Crook and Nanuq. These days my life is pretty defined by mommyhood and childhood epilepsy, but I have dreams that I'll get out of the house again someday, and regain my identity as a singer and composer. But first, I have to catch up on some sleep. ...more

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