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    Fearless Folks

    For strong, fearless women (and men too) who desire inspiration, a kindred connection, fearless bonding and some soul searching. Here, I share my personal experiences, stories and helpful information about raising children with autism...and encourage other fearless topics. ...more

    Fearless Learning

    Fearless Learning is a blog about the education of students with anxiety, especially those students who are also intellectually gifted.  The blog is written by Kiri Van Santen, a homeschool teacher and academic consultant for anxious and gifted kids.  Van Santen was herself a gifted student with an anxiety disorder, and the blog includes her experiences as a student and a teacher....more

    Feast After Famine

    We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this public service announcement: Don't eat the pokeberry. ...more

    Feed All The Animals

    In the New York Times yesterday, Lisa Belkin, whose writing I love and have followed for years, wrote about fairy tales and whether they are too scary to be read to children. I laughed out loud, but not because I found the topic ridiculous. On the contrary, I actually blogged about it over eight years ago when my oldest son was less than a year old.* ...more

    FeeFiFoto Blog

    I take full responsibility for all this bedlam. Yessirree -- the buck stops here, and if I can just clear off my desk I'm sure I'll find that darn buck somewhere.  Cast of characters includes: Robespierre: a seventh grade, blue eyed black belt in Tae Kwon Doe, who thinks math is really really fun and plays the clarinet; Cleopatra-Queen-Of-The-Nile: a fourth grade girl who makes up puns and read the entire Harry Potter series in five weeks at age 7; also goes by the names "Cleo" and "Cupcake" and maintains her own blog: The ...more

    feel LOVD everyday

    Location the Chagrin Valley of Ohio United States See map: Google Maps Hi, I'm the "Lilly" in Lilly Of the Valley Designs, or LOVD. What started out as a jewelry-making hobby has become my exciting journey that brings happiness to others. I'm wife to my handsome, supportive husband and mommy to our brilliant and most talented young son. This blog is meant to uplift and inspire daily so I hope you visit often and feel good and refreshed when you leave. LOVD tidings to you and welcome!...more

    Feels like home

    My blog is basically my take on life. Most of the time, it's about my daughter, but sometimes my weight loss journey or my husband or my cats make an appearance. ...more

    Feels Like Home

    The daily  musings of a 20-something working mom, just trying to make sense of it all with two kids, two dogs, a doting husband,  a shopping problem and a new home. Living life by the motto, "Housework won't kill you, but why take the chance?"...more

    Feels Like Home

    Life shouldn't be so hard. Feels Like Home features a variety of posts to help make life easier. Food and cooking tips, craft ideas, and a myriad of parenting (mis)adventures will help - or at least make you laugh along the way....more

    Feels Like Home

    ramblings of a young mama ...more

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