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    Feigning Fertility

    Location Outside of Chicago United States See map: Google Maps      Follow the journey of Ashley, wife and mother of two, as she documents living a world that has been created and run by bad ovaries, strange happenings and a whole lot of "you're making this up" moments.  After living in Pennsylvania for seven years, Ashley, her two kids and husband set up camp outside of Chicago, got a house, a dog and picked up again living the crazy life....more

    Felix Fam

    Life in the Northwest with a preschooler and toddler!  Plus my obsession with scrapbooking....more


    Becoming a better women - wife, mother, friend, sister...more

    Femme au Foyer

    Location France Originally from Chicago, in November of 2010 I arrived in France with my husband, my infant son, two cats and five suitcases. This is the diary of a Latvian-American living in central France....more

    Fergusons: Up Close & Personal

    Here it is! ...more

    Fertile Ground Zine

    Fertile Ground Zine blog is the online companion to Fertile Ground Zine: For People who Dig Parenting. The blog is written entirely by Stacey Greenberg, while the zine contains writing from woman across the country. ...more

    Fertile Hope

    A 30 something couple FINALLY has a babyy after years of infertility. One catch- he came 14 weeks early weighing just 1lb 7oz. ...more

    Fertile Mertile

    This and that about much less then I anticipated. My pregnancy and mommy blog and a little peek into managing bi-polar disordered while pregnant. Lots about the kids and lots more weird venting. ...more

    Fertility and Consciousness: Partners in Co-Creation?

    Fertility rates are on the decline, this is true. Martin O'Connell, chief of the fertility statistics branch of the Census Bureau, said the changes in the last nine years, though significant, were rather small when compared with earlier decades. In 1960, he said, the rate was about 120 births for every 1,000 women of childbearing age; in 1970, it was about 90. Thus, he said, ''The fertility rate now is about half what it was in the late 1950's and early 60's.'' There are many environmental factors contributing to why, including pesticides in our foods, chemicals and pollutants in the air, wireless radiation, and the growing number of women choosing to have children at a later stage in their lives. Stress, however, a clear link to the mind/body connection, may very well be the most overlooked contributor to infertility. ...more

    Fibro World

    We're a mother-daughter team.  Dot is a 20-something fibro survivor and Fibro Mom is a 60-ish, sometimes crabby caregiver who works part-time. We talk about our daily triumphs and setbacks in coping with a chronic and invisible illness.  Together, we bring two perspectives, patient and caregiver, in a dialogue that we hope informs, engages and entertains....more

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