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    Gabriellas Heart

    Our daughter Gabriella was diagnosed in April 2009 with a severe and irrepairable case of Myocardial Bridging and Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. September 25, just before being listed for her new heart, she suffered a left MCA stroke, imparing her right arm abilities and taking away her speech. She was listed in February 2010 for a new heart and got her sparkly new heart and second chance at life on May 17, 2010. This blog has transitioned from a diary of our simple life to a log of Gabriella's status as proves what a warrior she is. Please, keep her and our family in your prayers!...more

    GaGa Sisterhood

    A social network for energetic, enthusiastic, caring grandmothers ...more


    I am an old lady , at the end of my sixth decade of life, looking around her and telling it like it is, in this land of organized chaos that is india. Thoughts on health, meds, attitudes, people, the weather ........ Ramblings of a senior-citizen-to-be, hopefully getting me to practice my english, my delight , and sometimes my disgust, with the state of the world. ...more

    Garden Glimpses

    A mom of many growing by God's grace while tending to her family at home as well as learning to plant some new rows as a mother-in-law and grandmama. Encouragement is regularly found in writings about family life, homeschooling, gardening, quilting, and anything else that comes across her garden path. ...more

    gardengoatquote A goat's journey over life's mountains and molehills

      A goat's journey over life's mountains and molehills...a humourous look at everyday family life. ...more

    Gardner Family Times

    Family life can get pretty nutty around our place. We love to share all of our adventures with kids, pets, and various farm animals. ...more

    Garrett News

    just blogging about the random happenings of our family and life as a full-time mom in a small town ...more


    A generally lighthearted look at parenting, marriage, and dealing with children with medical conditions requiring a special approach and a sense of humor. ...more

    Gator Wrestlin' Mama

    Come along with a 40-something work-at-home mom of teen twins (one of whom is autistic) as she wrestles with those day-to-day "gators" in every day life! ...more

    Gaza Mom

    Raising Yousuf and Noor ...more

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