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    Hao Mama - Raising Children in Mandarin and English

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and our two young children. This site is part of my never-ending quest to find and share resources that make learning Chinese a fun and organic part of our children’s lives. ...more

    Happenings By The Martinez Family

    With four very active kids, we have found that life is just full of surprises....some of the surprises are hilarious....others....not so much! Here's just a glimse into our hectic, yet never dull, lives....more

    Happenings from our Heart

    My blog is all about my sweet family, mainly my 2 precious girls. Very ocassionally, I will talk about what is on my mind or the crazy things that are going on in the world around us. Above all, I want to serve God and my family. ...more

    happenings of NOAH

    isn't that just sweet?! by the way, that huge diaper box in the background? that's the last one i'm buying. happy tuesday....more

    Happily Ever After

    A glimpse into the sometimes crazy life of Texas newlyweds....more


    Yep, today Ella is 13 months old. Our little goof can actually run now. Fast as lightning...but more about that in a bit. Her favorite activity is carrying around clothes. Take your socks off around here and she'll be carrying them around with her, one in each hand, for an hour or more. She opens her bottom drawer and pulls out her pj's and plays with them. ...more

    Happily Ever After.. or is it?

    "Happily Ever After" began in 2007 when I married my husband. It was a way for keeping track of little moments in our lives and keeping our loved ones in touch with us. It has since evolved into a way of telling my personal stories through words and pictures. I'm a Mama to two babies. One is Cole Michael who is three. The second is Savannah Marie who is one. They are my loves, my life, and the core to my soul. They are the reason I try to be better everyday. Paul and I have now been married for almost four years. We live in sunny Southern California....more

    happily everly after

    photography tips from a mommy....more

    Happiness Delivered {Life.Love.Inspire.}

      I am a 30something Mom and Wife. My FAMILY is my everything. I'm a Mom of 2, wife to a long time friend from Jr. High. We've come a long way and have a beautiful family. I put my family first and I'm learning along the way to treat myself and remember that Mommy needs to be happy too! I have started to give myself more ME time. Shop for ME, beautify ME and find ME all over again. I'm not being selfish, I'm just remembering ME and not leaving myself behind while raising my kids....more

    Happiness is Living

    Just a blog about me, life, and learning to embrace happiness ...more

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