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    Hudson and Hill

    I'm a business-owner mom who recently took a "sabbatical" to be home with my two- and three-year-old boys. This blog is about my quest to create a peaceful, simple, joyful home in the midst of the noisy chaos. That requires planning, people! There are plenty of days when nothing seems to go right. This blog is about those days, too....more

    Hudson Valley Handymom

    Location New York United States See map: Google Maps Transplanted in New York years ago, the Hudson Valley Handymom discovered a love and passion for the beauty and resources that abound in the Hudson Valley.  As a mother to four for over 20 years, she learned how to do house repairs, home renovations, make clothing, create recipes, and save money.  The Hudson Valley Handymom is a blog created for people to provide inspiration for a "can do" attitude.  Common features include interviews with unique people and places that exist in the Hudson Valley area of New York.   ...more

    hula seventy

    Human Christian

    This is a blog about my experiencs as a human as well as a Christian. My life as a wife and a mom and my way to show anyone who's interested that as a Christian, I go through the same trials as everyone else. I'm getting to know myself. I'm learning daily that I haven't masterd motherhood. I though I had this thing figured out, but i've figured out I have a loooong way to go as a mom of 4, wife of a diabled vet and homeschooler (for now at least). ...more

    Human, Being

    My name is Lynn, and I'm just another human trying to balance the act of being with the act of doing. My blog is an ongoing essay about my life. To read me is to know me. ...more

    Location Pittsburgh, PA United States See map: Google Maps place where you can get advice and ideas about life, parenting, and being a functional human being while still getting those kids out to school on time. Judgement free!...more

    Humble Hostess

    Humble Hostess is advice and tidbits from the daily life of a homemade hostess.  It covers etiquette, entertaining, gifts, baking, cooking, decorating, gardening...all the things a traditional domestic diva does but in today's modern world. The author, Nici Flinn, is a stay-at-home-mom who runs a household and a small family business. ...more

    Hummingbird Homemaker

    Nesting tips for the HummingbirdBrained....more

    Hummingbird Homemaking

    Since August 2009, Hummingbird Homemaking has been showing people how to build relationships while managing a home.  ...more

    Hurried Homemaker

    I am the wife of a musician, mother of girls, crafter of things, lover of dogs, and more to be discovered ... possibly right on my blog! ...more

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