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    Harvesting Kale

    A first time mom who relies on google and Dr. Sears for all the answers. Key words: natural birth; attachment parenting; breastfeeding;...more


    My blog is about learning how to grow food and preserve it within the context of my family life in Maine.  It's a blog where I am sharing/engaging in a process of learning with my friends/family/community and sharing my successes as well as failures.  It's about increasing food security and food quality and the fun and enrichment that comes along with that endeavor....more

    Hasten Haus

    Do it yourself doesn't even scratch the surface. A little crazy in my quest to learn a lot: how to be the best version of myself as a woman, wife and writer, and still continue to evolve into new roles....more

    Hatcher House: Jacksonville home renovation and musings

    Professional working mom living in a camper while renovating a dream home...more


    My mother called me last night, with some news."I had some cosmetic surgery today," she told me. "Oh," I replied, trying maintain a neutral tone of voice, "What did you do? "I got some Restylane injections. It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time, so I decided to treat myself." ...more

    Haute Mamas

    Insights into the day-to-day life of three working moms and the kids who drive them to drink ... er, love them more each day. ...more

    Have a little Faith

    I am a young mama and wife.  Our youngest daughter has a kidney condition.  I am a birth doula and aspiring midwife.   I am an eternal optimist. ...more

    Have Babies Will Blog

    Sarcastically outrageous wisecracks from the highchair and beyond ...more

    Have Child, Will Travel : For Globe-Trotting Babies & Their Parents

    This blog is for parents who don't believe that McDonald's and Club Med are their only options when they travel just because they have children. As my 20-month old and I travel all over the world discovering local treasures and tourist traps, we assess the child-friendliness of restaurants, hotels and cities in general, and invite you to join us on our journeys. If Mr. and Mrs. Smith had a baby, this would be their site!...more

    Have Media Will Travel is a blog by Shelli Johnson, a mother, wife, travel journalist, writer, marketer, entrepreneur, media multitasker, fitness enthusiast, outdoor adventurer and lover of national parks and other natural destinations. This blog covers all of the above, and more. ...more

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