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    Have Stroller Will Travel

    A mommy by day. An interpreter by night. And, a little bit frazzled in between....more

    Having a Guagua

    I'm having a guagua! ("Wa-Wa" or "baby" according to Chilean slang). So I've started one more pregancy blog, this one from the day before my pregancy test was positive and beyond. I'm a type 1 diabetic in Southern California, married to a Chilean and hoping to find a way to have this baby without declaring bankrupcy or losing my mind!...more

    Having Fun at Home

    I am convinced that one of the biggest reasons my siblings and I stayed out of trouble growing up was because we knew how to have fun. Real, wholesome fun. ...more

    Having fun with our kids...Enjoying the Journey

    Enjoying the jourrney of Home school.  Lessons, experiments, sensory bin, and messy fun ideas. ...more

    Havoc & Mayhem

    The chronicles of a 40ish SAHM and her two rambunctious young sons. ...more

    Hays House...Misadventures In Parenting

    I write about the chaos that comes with the blending of two sibling sets ranging in age from 18 to 1. My oldest two children are 18 and 14. My yougest, 5 and 1. They are both boy girl birth order and 4.5 years apart in age. I believe God felt I deserved a do-over after the calamity that was my first fiasco and therefore, this second time is all about getting it right. I am failing miserably! The issues usually arise in my failure to transition successfully from diapers to drugs, nookie to nursing....more

    Hazel is in the Eye of the Beholder

    After infertility, Hazel was brought to this world and us and we obsess over every little amazing thing she does. I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and now my daughter is seven months old.  Until now, i have blogged primarily about motherhood, but in the future i will be spending an equal amount of time discussing my adjustment to becoming a mother with a chronic illness. ...more

    He & Me + 3

    I am a Perfectionist, Neat Freak, Overboard Organizer, and a Mega Multitasker. I have 3 active children, so my schedule is pretty hectic. My to do list a mile long, so my work is never done. I enjoy blogging about our daily doses of drama. Check us may find Something Simple, Sassy, Sweet, Sappy, Silly, Studious, or Sarcastic, but always Something! ...more

    He and She Eat Clean - A Guide to Eating Clean... Married!

    He and She Eat Clean - A Guide to Eating Clean... Married! is a resource for both women and men for information on leading healthier, more well maintained lives.  The website/blog includes information/resources on different foods, eating clean while you travel and eat out, recipes for meals and desserts and motivational information. Written by husband and wife team, Jim and Tiffany. Tiffany is a certified Personal Trainer and aerobics instructor....more

    He Sows, She Sews

    I grew up in the city.  I married a farmer.  We have 4 kids, somehow I started homeschooling them.  I love my life.  I get to knit (now I design!), sew, can, garden, write, teach, and most recently, keep chickens.  Here's where I sort it all out. It's a very traditional life, and I'm learning so much still. ...more

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