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    He's our heart She's our hero

    I blog about our life before, during and after adoption.  We are working on an open adoption with our son's birth mother and just dealing with day to day life.  ...more

    Headed Down South

    Follows my family as we move to our new home. Set up and settle in. ...more

    Health, Beauty, Children & Family

    Location Augusta, Georgia United States See map: Google Maps A blog dedicated to personal experiences as a mother to three plus two step-children and as a military wife to a frequently deployed spouse.  The site is a mixture ranging from many interests of personal experiences of daily life, party planning, DYI, product reviews and giveaways.   ...more

    Health, Happiness, Hamstrings

    A journey to find Health, Happiness, Hamstrings(aka exercise) while chasing after Bean and still being a support to Mr. Man. ...more

    Healthy Endeavors

    Is it a challenge for you to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Do you struggle with “over commitment” issues and feel like your life is running you, at the expense of your own health? Are you tired of too much stress and worry and not enough balance in your life? Do you struggle with poor eating habits and a lack of energy even though you know you can and want to do better? Do you often promise yourself you’re going to eat better, but time and time again, you resort to your old habits? ...more

    Healthy Family Spirit

    Location Healthy Family Spirit United States See map: Google Maps Where parents can come to find enrichment and encouragement...more

    Healthy Happy Family - Striving for a healthier, happier lifestyle

    Too often, we lose ourselves in our hurried, multitasking, high-tech world. Our family is focusing on a greener, more natural philosophy in all aspects of our lives. It's the little changes, like real home cooking, being informed shoppers, and watching our little organic garden grow, that are easy to do, and have a big impact. By considering the environment, as well as ourselves, we'll all be healthier, and happier for it :) ...more

    Healthy Kiddo Snacks

    A website that offers recipes, tips and information about healthy, natural foods for kids.  Kids have tiny tummies need lots of steady filling, and snacking is a great way to get them started on a healthy path and an easy way to make sure that their diets cover all the food groups.  I have a background in obesity research and believe that heavily sweetened, salted and processed foods are a big part of the obesity epidemic.  Starting small can eventually lead to big changes, and snacking is a great place to start.  Happy snacking!...more

    Healthy Kitchens Healthy Kids

    Location Missouri United States See map: Google Maps healthy family friendly blog with recipes, great deals in our area and around the country, tips from CPT and chiropractor, green living, faith, inspiration, motivational...more

    Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby

    A blog written by a new mom dedicated to providing healthy and tasty recipes for mommy and baby, as well as advice and information on other health-related topics, such as vegetarianism, eating organic and serving your child....more

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