Family Blogs

    I promise that I will do my best

    Just my thoughts and ramblings.....Life, Family, Guiding, Church, etc.... ...more

    I School At Home

    A blog about my journey homeschooling 4 boys, with pertinent information on homeschooling, education, and family life....more

    I See Through You

    A  blog about a 23 year old working mother and her adorable baby boy!...more

    I See What You Meme

    My weekly musings on life, pop culture, politics, religion, and anything else that crosses my path.   ...more

    I Should Be Folding Laundry

    I'm SAHM mom to two toddlers, I love coffee and blogging! A true Mommy blog! ...more

    I Should Have Bred Iguanas

    When my days get just so crazy, I often think that maybe I should have gone with my original plan: To breed iguanas. You see, I never actually intended to have children of my own. I was a young adult working full time in a pet store when parenthood sort of 'snuck up on me.' I am now married with three daughters and my life's mission is to raise 'likeable people' in a world where many don't seem to share my goal. Most days, I am exactly where I want to be. Oh, but those other days... ...more

    I Should Really Be Working

    My personal blog about life, love, and my experiences as a Safe Haven First Mom in an open adoption. ...more

    I Smile at Stuff

    I blog about my life with my kids, my 2 awful cats, my lovely husband and stuff that makes me laugh....more

    I Still Hate Pickles

    A roller-derbying, cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, home-birthing, God-fearing new Mom hoping to figure it all out. And no matter what people say about pregnancy, I still hate pickles. ...more

    I think I need another cup of coffee

    Sleep deprived, and a complete disregard for grammar. Welcome to my blog. I am a stay at home/ work at home (when the odd job presents itself) mom. I have the privilege to spend every single day with my sweet/crazy 4 yr. old daughter, Mini M. and my little man, Baby W. who was born May 3rd. I can't forget the best part of my life- my hub. C.N., who happens to be the sweetest, funniest fella alive. We have been married almost 6 years. So, that's me and my fam. ...more

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