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    I'm not neurotic (just go with me on this...)

    A mom trying to reclaim her body after 2 children. ...more

    I'm Not Vanilla, I'm Rocky Road

     I have a fascination, nearly an obsession with the vanilla-ing of our young women. This is a blog for tween and teenage women and those who love and influence them. Let's explore your flavor....more

    I'm Thankful

      Motherhood fun.  Trials and Tribulations from a modern day mom's perspective. Some days are just harder than others....more

    I'm the Best Mom

    Best Mom gives you a chance to know that you're not alone in parenthood (even if you happen to be covered in poop) and to laugh along with her own kid-filled life. ...more

    I've Been To Me

    Present.  Perfect.  Tense....more

    I've Got A Little Space To Fill

    A peek into the life of Mama, Papa and Baby Bear. Includes recipes, frugal tips, being green tips, personal finance and our debt repayment plan as well as money saving tips. ...more

    I've Got Everything Out of Control

    The ramblings of a stay at home mom of 3 boys.  Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always crazy!  Come join the fun!...more

    i've got sunshine...

    I am a recovering attorney from Toronto, Canada now living in Hong Kong with my three year old daughter and James Bond-esque husband. I started out blogging at my now defunct blog where I bemoaned the loss of my rockstar lifestyle and bored people with nonsense about being a wife, a mother and a "full-time worker bee". Since flying the coup from Snoreonto to the very not snorey Hong Kong I am attempting to find my legs as a stay-at-home-mom in a foreign land that is oddly, not all that foreign. ...more


    I'm a twenty-six year old wife, mother, and writer trying to find my place in the world while raising my beautiful little girl the best way I know how, with love. ...more


    The musings of a modern Jane Austen fan who realizes she is no longer the ingénue. With two teenage daughters, she has become Mrs. Bennet!...more

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