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    Karianna Spectrum

    This is actually a correction, but the correction form kept telling me I hadn't completed all the fields (it said the "blog relationship" one was invalid.) This is my blog. Thanks! -Kari ...more

    Please visit to read my latest slice-of-life family column, humorous snippet about life with school-aged kids, or commentary on issues facing parents today. ...more

    Karma (continued...)

    Forget casseroles and bunny slippers. Jenny’s mom uniform is made up of skinny jeans, lip gloss, & the biggest cup of coffee she can find. Telling it like it really is makes Karma (continued…) an entertaining & honest look at life as a stay-at-home mom....more

    Karrie McAllister: Writer, Mother, Dirt Lover

    Columns, catchups, funnies, and tear-jerkers, plus the journal of three kids growing up with a nature-nutty mom. ...more


    A homeschooling, semi-homesteading, 40-something mom on the loose!  I write about kids projects, art, living in a remote cabin in Sequoia National Forest, and family.  ...more

    kasie's khronikles

    ramblings of a mom of 3. ...more

    Kat with a K

    I write mostly about books, knitting, and food, with some politics and random other things thrown in. Oh, and, of course, the occasional picture of my cat. ...more

    Kat's Cafe

    Kat's Cafe - Special Needs Parenting - Mommy Blogging - Reviews - Giveaways Kat's Cafe is a place to connect over special needs parenting. It's a passionate, personal place to learn about life as a special needs parent from Kat (and now hubby Jim)....more

    Kat's Cradle

    Brand new mommy/pregnancy blog... I hope I'm listing this right ...more

    Kate's Musings

    Covering a wide range of topics, including parenting, friendship, eating well, living well, and getting the most out of life! Photos and some humor.... ...more

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