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    Kaylie blog

    all about mommyhood, writing, reading, and other associated craziness ...more

    Kays K9s - Needle Felted Dogs and Cats

    Explore the work of K. Stahler, specializing in custom needle felted Pet portraits. See the latest needle felted sculptures, and keep updated on my recent projects. ...more

    KB Squared

    Location United States See map: Google Maps It's hip to be square!  My goal in 2011 is to let go of the perfectionism and high expectations that hold me back from writing. This year I am choosing to blog to write, not write to blog. A running theme I like to write about is how NOT alone we are. I flip my kids off behind their backs too.  ...more

    KChristieH Blog: An Eclectic Mix of Musings

    I write about whatever strikes my fancy each day. It might be about education, politics or religion, or it could be a comment on a great book, movie or tv show. Or, it might just refer you to a great website that I've found, or a comment on the continuing joys of parenting teens. ...more is the adventures of a Los Angeles family. Mom is a recent law school grad who can't seem to pass the bar exam. Dad has a 9-5 and his own small web design business. Baby is an adorable one year old and really the only person worth reading about. ...more


    Witty and funny "mom blog" featuring daily kids' fashion finds. ...more

    Keeley McGuire

    Location Michigan United States See map: Google Maps Blogging about DIY Craft Projects, Recipes, Bento Inspired Lunches, my daughter's Peanut Allergy, and creative ways to add efficiency and fun to your family! I'm a mom who loves her family, football, nascar, cooking, and life in general! :)  ...more

    Keep Me Busy, Mommy

    I am a busy Mom (BZ Mom) who likes to keep her kids & self occupied and entertained, with stuff that is educational, fun and affordable! I am also always on a look out for items which add value to our life! Follow me for some reviews and good finds in central/northern New Jersey, New York City and around the country!...more

    Keep On S'myelin

    Keep On S'myelin:  The wild and wacky world of a wiped out mom with Multiple Sclerosis. What makes my life wild and wacky...I'm a 33 year old mom with 2 kids, 2 cats, 1 husband, 1 mom, 1 brother, 1 mother in-law, 1 father in-law, 1 brother in-law, 1 sister in-law, great friends and multiple sclerosis. Phew, that should keep me busy for a while. In 1997, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. In January 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. What a way to bring in the new millenium! ...more

    Keep Passing Open Windows

    Stay at home mother of 2 living in the suburbs trying to pay the bills and figure out 37 different ways to cook chicken, how to keep her husband happy, and how to make sure she's raising her children to be good people. Oh yeah, and I just opened a custom tshirt So I am trying to learn html. Oh, and I'd like to lose some weight and solve world hunger, too. ...more

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