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    Kenna Ray

    Location Oklahoma City United States See map: Google Maps Kenna Ray is not my name; it’s my Hillbilly moniker. It’s used only by those who know me best. Some even call me “K-Ray” for short. I’m a 30-something journalist turned college professor and Ph.D. candidate. More importantly, I’m a wife and a mother with an extremely spoiled dog. These days I’m just a small town mom with a big city attitude....more

    Kentucky Farm Girl

    I’m a wife, mom, teacher, and suburbia-raised gal taking microfarming to a whole ‘nuther level on my little corner of the Bluegrass State.  Sharing the adventure with me are my husband, son, dog, five cats, two cows, one heifer, and assorted chickens…not all at the same location.  To top it off, I have access to a fluctuating population of barn cats, four goats, and a donkey with self-esteem issues.  I still haven’t decided what I want to be when I grow up.  My abilities are varied and underdeveloped.  I blame my short attention span.&nbs...more


    I am interested in sewing, crafting, photography, web design, web standards, apple computers, trashy celebrity gossip, and healthy cooking. I am a recovering Sugar Addict and miss my daily bowl of cookie dough very much. ...more

    Kerry and Torey in VA

    A look into our new marriage, recent pregnancy, impending arrival of our daughter and other life moments living outside Washington, DC. ...more

    Kettlebell, Women's Fitness, Post Partum Weight Loss and Healthy Living

    Location Seattle United States See map: Google Maps Kettlebells, Women's Fitness, Post Partum Weight Loss and Healthy Living...more

    Khoresht-e Catfish

    I'm an Iranian-America married to a midwestern All-American boy. We combined our disparate lives and much happiness, conflict and wackiness ensued. We have our fair share of ups and downs, but our life is pretty good. And, it's definitely interesting, especially now that we're parents to a funny and rambunctious toddler....more
  • Kickyboots

    Come to if you need a smile. ...more

    Amanda, links make everyone's life easier. Nice to met ...more

    Kid Baltimore

    My blog is all about kid-friendly places to go and things to do around Baltimore, MD. Every week we try new places, from bison farms, to dental museums, to ice skating rinks. ...more

    Kid Friendly Organic Life

    On Sunday I was talking with a group of teenagers about a Habitat for Humanity project we are planning on undertaking next summer. We aren’t completely sure what we’re getting in to it, but so far, everyone is game. We pondered the question, What if? What if we did this? What if we are able to help someone besides ourselves? What if we can make a difference in one community? One family?...more

    Kid Friendly...Mommy Approves

    One Mommy reviewing kid friendly places, services, classes, products and hotels to assist other families in their decision making processes. ...more

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